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3 Big Reasons Social Media is a Must for a Small Business

cards 13 big reasons social media is a must for a small business are: your audience, your image, and your future. Social media is an essential tool for business to communicate with customers, industry and community. Conducting a successful social media campaign can be confusing and challenging, but with the correct goals and strategies in place any size business can have a robust presence with social media. “Social media has changed the delivery, structure, and availability of information to reach current and future customers and others. Small business leaders are using social media marketing to promote their business to gain visibility, viability, and sustainability to survive in the current competitive era” (Taneja & Toombs, 2014).

Increase social media to increase sales

Your Audience:

A small business can win big through the use of social media if it is using the correct sites for its customers. Knowing your audience and connecting with them where they are is key. “Social media have provided marketers tools to reach to their respective targets with new and efficient ways of not only approaching their target markets, but also, to encourage word-mouth communication and support among online communities by increasing consumers’ interest in the company” (Castronovo & Huang, 2012).

audience 2

branding 3Your Image:

A small business must have a distinct image of who and what its value is in the community. Having a consistent branding strategy across all marketing media is essential. Social media can help communicate this message with inexpensive, immediate interactions. Posting pictures, videos, links and promotions convey this image directly to the customer. When the right content meets the right customer, engagement and customer satisfaction will increase.

Your Future:

Creating a social media plan that increases customer participation, satisfaction, and showcases the brand’s value can increase sales and profit. Small businesses that are using social media correctly can create personal connections with their current customers and increase exposure to other markets. A small business has the potential to grow and evolve through social media, and this can position the business to withstand challenges in the marketplace while experiencing organic growth.

3 big reasons

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By Desi B.


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7 Responses

  1. Cassandra M says:

    For so long social media was considered a time waster. Refocusing thinking to bring social media in as a resource is important! Thanks for the information.

  2. Rosanne S says:

    Hi Desi,

    If small businesses joined just for your BIG THREE, they would make a huge improvement overall.

    Another three reasons why small businesses should use social media would be: a chance to humanize a brand, address customer issues immediately, and have a greater reach than local advertising.


  3. Joanna M says:

    “When the right content meets the right customer, engagement and customer satisfaction will increase.” Great point you make, I have been explaining this to a friend who works at a veterinary office, they have a company running social media for them and they have been posting stock photos, she posted a photo from the office after we spoke. One post got over 30 likes, they were getting 0-2 likes before that. ENGAGEMENT is key.

  4. Desi B says:

    Hi Rosanne,
    Yes, those other reasons are very important. I think the key is to determine the best options for a particular business. There are so many great ways to use social media the sky is really the limit.

  5. Desi B says:

    While it does seem like a great idea to outsource social media, nothing can beat a personal touch. Much like our own personal Facebook pages can become nothing but shares of e-cards, memes and other impersonal posts, I prefer original content from friends and family. A brand needs to connect with its core audience on a genuine level to create meaningful relationships.

  6. Heidi says:

    Great graphics. They are fun and colorful. I also appreciate the section about moving into the future! Why would we do all this work with no improvement for the future. Great Read.

  7. Matt B says:

    Great post Desi, I thought your comments about branding were very important. If a company sends out inconsistent messages to its audience, it can cause confusion and disinterest. Social media can definitely help to create a unified brand image.

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