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4 Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

4 Tips for Increasing Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

For a small business to gain attention and increase brand awareness it can be difficult. You want to make sure that you are putting your efforts into the right strategies, without breaking the bank, which is where we come in! This blog will offer you some great tips on tactics that you can utilize to effectively increase brand awareness for your small business using cost-effective methods!

Utilizing multiple social media platforms

This tactic will help you cast a large net for potential viewers for your brand. Two key social media platforms we would recommend would be Facebook, and Twitter. With Facebook, this platform allows you to create a community that you can share information with. This content can be status updates, or photos, or videos, allowing for quite a bit of creativity. Facebook Live is a great new feature where you can record updates in real time with your audience so you keep them informed on the most up to date information such as new products or deals, and you can also communicate back to them through the live chat option so you can have two-way communication. This shows up at the top of the user’s newsfeed, so it will most likely be the first thing they see. With Twitter, you can also post status updates, photos, and videos, while you can also respond directly to anyone who tweets at your brand or mentions your brand. You can also utilize hashtags in your posts, which are tags that help people to find your post. We recommend researching popular hashtags that you can feature in your posts, so you can bring the audience to you.

Engage with Influencers

Choose influencers within your business industry who have a large following, and follow them through multiple social media platforms. Share their content on a regular basis, tweet them, and try to engage with them as much as possible. Anyone who follows the influencer are also more likely to see your posts, which can lead them to your page. Better yet, the influencer could post your content on their page or even agree to help promote your brand. As stated in a posting on Sproutsocial, “A click on your post counts as engagement. So by users clicking the tagged page in your post, they’re actually helping to deliver your content to more news feeds.”

Creating a Referral Program

According to Medallia Institute survey “In a typical month, two out of three Millennials use referral codes or discounts shared by a friend on social media of 1002 Millennials, ages 21 to 32.”  This is why having a referral program is a great way to bring in new business, word of mouth can really go far when used effectively. You want to establish a win-win situation so the customer has an incentive to give a referral. If you give both the new customer and the customer who gave the referral a discount on their next purchase, you have a better chance of that new customer coming back, and also gaining more referrals.

Holding a discount event where you partner with local businesses

This is a great way to connect with your audience in a live setting where they can witness a new side of your business and brand. This also helps you network with other businesses close to you and establish business relationships. Additionally, where there are already loyal customers for those businesses, there is more of a chance for them to set foot in your door if they are referred to you from that business. Lastly, with having a discount event this pulls people in and gives them a better incentive to purchase something from you on that day.

Increasing brand awareness is not something that will happen overnight, it does take time! However, now you have a few proven tactics that you can try out to help you increase brand awareness for your small business! What are you waiting for!?



Do you have any additional tactics that you have utilized that effectively helped spread brand awareness for your business? Share your ideas below!



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