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Where Do I Begin? A Six-Step Guide to Starting Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

The hardest part of a social media marketing campaign is figuring out where to begin. This blog post is intended as a guide to help you get started by getting organized, gathering your thoughts and finding relevant resources for your campaign.

 Social Media Marketing Campaign

Starting your Social Media Campaign in six easy steps…

Step One: Decide on a target audience

By electing your target audience first, you can point your content at what will interest your audience as well as post that content on the appropriate social media. This article is an interesting article about how to identify a target audience. ·

Step Two: Decide on a topic.

The topic is very important (for obvious reasons). You want people to read and share your content! The topic of your post needs to match the audience that you choose. If your target audience is vegan, your topic shouldn’t be the best burger joints in town.

Step Three: Set your social media marketing campaign objectives.

Without a goal, you are just frolicking around on social media without a purpose. When I go for a run, I don’t say, “I’ll just run until I’m tired.” I say, “I am going to run X miles.” Otherwise, I would stop after three steps. The objectives should be short and to the point. They don’t need to be four pages long. Some examples of objectives are increase exposure, increase engagement and increase brand loyalty. Refer to this article for a resource on objectives.

Step four: Engage your participants.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as throwing content on social media. You need to engage the audience. Ask questions and answer the questions posed to you. Refer to this example of engaging audiences on social media.

Step Five: Collect data.

As much as a lot of us hate numbers (trust me, numbers are not my thing), this is probably the most important part of your social media marketing campaign. Regardless of how prepared you are and how much research you do, you will always need to make alterations during your campaign run, often on the fly.

… last but not least

Step 6: Measure and analyze.

By tracking who is on your page, how they’re finding it, when they arrive and how long they stay, you can optimize your posts to reach the maximum number of people. Not to mention, if people are finding your page frequently but leaving immediately, you can safely assume you’re getting your information out there but need to improve the look and overall appeal.

Social Media Marketing Campaign


While getting organized and getting started can seem daunting at first, it’s much easier to digest when you break your social media marketing campaign down into small chunks. Therefore, take everything one step at a time and remember to ask yourself three key questions: Who do I want to see this? How will they see it? How will they react once they do?

Do you have any other tips to overcome writers block? Please comment below and share your wisdom.



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