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ASPCA Fights Against Animal Cruelty with Social Media

ASPCA Fights Against Animal Cruelty with Social Media


Millions have joined ASPCA in the fight against animal cruelty with social media. Social Media has changed the behavior of humans around the world since the beginning of its existence. Individuals and companies learn just how to better cooperate in the midst of others, and feel associated with the brands. Doing so can have a direct effect on brands.

One of many Nonprofits who has joined Social media in the fight against Animal Cruelty is the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). This organization has been around years before social media fighting the cause, since the ability of social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many other the ASPCA and many other Animal Welfare Leagues has had the ability to get their message out to more of their targeted audience.

The ASPCA takes to social media to spread the mission about their organization, they use Facebook as one of its main social media sites to get their message through to those who love animals. The ASPCA promotes awareness of the cruelty to animals not only through social networking sites, but also through their television ads using celebrities to help end the fight in animal cruelty around the world.

How Millions Join ASPCA to Fight Animal Cruelty

Most of the time businesses will drive for new technology to be made, with more than 1,299,587 likes and 35, 152 found many ways to receive donations and help animals in need, follow this link to view the list of organizations talking about it, the ASPCA Facebook page has drawn in over a million people from the average activist to the big businesses who want to see justice for all animals. Partnering with many different corporations the ASPCA has who have partnered with the ASPCA:

You can find and follow the ASPCA on these social media sites:,,,,,

To help the success of this organization and all nonprofits who support the well-being of all animals being abused by the hands of others, make the necessary donations and contact your local Animal Control Officers if you witness any wrong doing towards these animals.


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