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Retailers: Five Ways to Shine with Social Media

Retailers: are you looking for more fans to go social? Are you a retailer using social media effectively? What ways are you currently reaching your audience via social media? Are you effectively personalizing relationships? Relationships are essential in the world of buying and selling. Your customers have power. Your storytelling becomes a part of their story. BRANDS, listen up! It’s time for me to put my social media thinking cap on ways to make your relationships work.

Retailers use Social Networks, Ads and Blogging for Social Media Success

Tweets” Diverged in the Woods

No, I’m not channeling Robert Frost. An important aspect of Twitter is @TwitterSmallBiz for a campaign. This handle retailers like you to create content through video, tweets, and images. Car brand Jeep launched a campaign using profiles with online puzzles to unlock clues. Creativity with your content can encourage retweets, likes, impressions, and drive more traffic to your web site or e-commerce pages.

Put a “Face” on Your Brand

If your starting out or looking to integrate your marketing strategy, Facebook is the way to go. You can re-imagine content for a campaign.  You can use video to tell a story about a product you are incorporating into your campaign and Facebook allows you to keep track of various analytics. As of 2013, it was noted that Facebook Ads cost an average of $0.27 per click. The images and videos posted are your guide to drive consumers to the buying phase of the sales funnel.

 The “Web” is your Best Friend

Now this may seem`like a cliché, but retailers looking for an audience who just have a generic web page along with a brick-and-mortar operation can utilize it to drive traffic to their sites. The content you produce can be done “virally”, through text, or images that build relationships with your fans. A picture of your product with your slogan or logo. A young person who consumes your product can personalize its value to them.

 Will “Adwords” be your Golden Ticket?

Will you be singing around your store or office?  It depends on how you utilize Google Adwords.  The important thing retailers have to know is your audience.  This is possible through keyword searches. Google can create suggestions for you. This requires a little bit of time, but with some math, researching your competitors, and placing your campaign on the platform with highest return on investment (ROI). This graph details how valuable Google Adwords is in the mobile marketing landscape.

Google Poised to Annihilate Mobile Ad Competitors

Graph courtesy of

If your new to Google Adwords, check out this introductory video here       

 Blogging-Who Are You?

 Retailers, folks in your community need to know who you are. You’re a voice, a provider for the public, and striving to be vital in the community. The social media community of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram are important but images or videos are only a portion of your brand.  Blogging is your communication about your products. Personality through blogging can be another aspect of how you utilize your operations, use SEO, create new business, and shine in your industry.

Most of the questions you want answered are through these channels and methods of content marketing integration. Anyone looking to increase their social media presence use these channels and you will be saying “Let there be light so it shines on ME!” If you want more information explore Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and create a blog that will inform your customers about YOU.

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