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Brooklyn Businesses Reach Local Customers with Social Media

Brooklyn Businesses Reach Local CustomersTechnology is changing the way Brooklyn businesses reach local customers, thanks to social media. In her article “Social Media Secrets from Savvy Small Business Owners” Carla Zanoni encourages small businesses to use technology to move with the times as she finds, “most respondents in the survey said they attracted new customers and traffic when they adopted social media into their marketing plans.”  Social media is also a way to facilitate “new methods of connection” with customers even after they leave the store.  Small businesses are using social media in varied ways, to move with the times, kick start their ventures, and broaden their base, say Zanoni. In this article we’ll look at how some Brooklyn businesses reach local customers with social media, great examples of interacting with customers that can be applied anywhere.

Brooklyn Businesses Reach Local Customers with Social Media Tools

To raise money to open her bakery, Kolache Company in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York, Autumn Standford turned to Kickstarter.  Zanoni’s article reports on other ways small business owners are using social media to build relationship.  One owner used Youtube tutorial to learn about how to make soups and received feedback on test batch on Facebook, while using Google+ Hangout to spread the word, “Sandra Ordonez, a web educator at Collaborative Nation said being open to new tools is imperative for small businesses.”

As a business owner it is also imperative to learn what works best for you. In some cases finding a relatively inexpensive  social media marketing consultancy means doing a Google search.  For others, it’s about partnering with neighborhood associations and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, according to the Social Media Observer, marketing with affinity groups benefits small businesses.

Zanoni describes an eyewear company with a strong following on facebook success based on implementing a dedicated marketing coordinator, posting daily behind the scene photos and magazine editorials from featured blog. As start up and small business owners find it impossible to secure bank loans (unless it is a business loans online secured service), more are turning to crowd sourcing social platforms such as Kickstarter, Rocket Hub, Indiegogo, and Peer Backer to fund startup, run and grow their small business. Standford, according to Zanoni, surpassed her set goal and opened her bakery with the financial backing the social networking site, Kickstarter.

Crowd sourcing networks are great for small businesses interested in financing a startup or creating and selling a commercial project such as works of art, writing a book, making an album, or promoting a political and social services.  According to Sally Outlaw, author of Cash From the Crowd, and founder and CEO of Crowdfunding website Peerbanker there are many crowd sourcing platforms for small businesses to raise money and she provides 10 top crowd funding sources that has a proven track record here.

Brooklyn Businesses Reach Local Customers by Thinking Outside the Box

Shorty award photoAnother Brooklyn Brand that makes use of social media is The Brooklyn Circus, a Shorty Award winner in the small business category.  The Brooklyn Circus contrary to its name and logo is a male clothing company originated out of Brooklyn, launched in 2006 with the help of social media platforms such as twitter and tumblr.  The Brooklyn Circus has drawn not only local success, but also national and international sales.

The Brooklyn Circus logo is undoubtedly cleaver as its reference to a circus and misleads the audience to think of a circus as opposed to the men’s clothing line that it is. Another aspect of their logo is how simple and relatively inexpensive it is to create a logo to represent a brand on social media platforms. Small business owners don’t have to spend a lot of money to design their companies logo; moreover, its encouraged to tastefully used humor to sell a brand as the circus. The lesson for Brooklyn’s small businesses, your logo does not have to be costly, merely black and white print, size differences, and catchy sentiments can do it.

Further, Brooklyn is now a brand, which means Brooklyn is attracting an international audience not just abroad as we see The Brooklyn Circus with stores and distribution nationally and internationally:  New York, San Francisco, London, Japan, Korea, Denmark, but Brooklyn is attracting visitors from all over the world.

How Brooklyn Businesses Can Reach Visitors, Too

The visitors that you see coming to Brooklyn, staying in our hotels, riding on bus tours, Gray Line and A Slice of Brooklyn are not coming here to eat at McDonald’s, they too need their nails and hair done, and looking to explore the rich cultural in the arts, merchants, languages, and differences that Brooklyn represents.  Therefore, some advice, create content on the web that invites our visitors to your business to buy your products while visiting Brooklyn.

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