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Collaborate to Grow Small Business Social Media

Collaborate With and Endorse Celebrities or Local Influencers

Collaborate to grow your small business on social media by endorsing a Celebrity, local Influencer, or an organization. These endorsements give the business visibility and credibility to grow a social media following.

Endorsements can come in the forms of personal, or celebrity

Personal endorsements reach into the family and friend circle, however might not hit your target market because it is too personal.

Although, celebrity endorsements could be difficult for the small business owner in getting the right representative.

Also, convincing the celebrity to endorse the business may be difficult because they can ask for a hefty penny!

However, if a celebrity believes in the product, this could be a great and an expensive way to hit a larger reach.

Collaborate With and Form Joint Ventures

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Collaborate to grow your small business by forming joint ventures. These collaborations offer the small business a unique advantage due to the fact that it saves the small business time and effort!

Research the target audience, this is important to ensure you are hitting the right market.

Utilize larger companies and their resources.

Endorse and Collaborate Successfully by Following These Simple Rules

1. Try to partner with a business that isn’t in direct competition with a common target market.

Uhuru refers to this as audience overlap and reports it as a common Facebook marketing mistake.

2. Always work with businesses that will compliment yours.

The products or services should mutually benefit the product or service of the small business.

A yoga studio would benefit from partnering with a health center because of their target market.

3. Establish a partnership and discuss common goals!

Always establish goals, set expectations, and determine what each organization is responsible for.

Have both parties sign a contract and make it official!

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