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Build an Audience Through Content Marketing

What is the purpose of content marketing?  That seems like a simple question.  The easy answer is to get conversions, whatever social-1157114_1280your version of a conversion happens to be.  Is it a sale?  Is it a lead?  Is it someone signing a petition?  In truth, the conversion is the end game but what about the path along the way.  You are going to have to make an appeal, be it emotional or rational to your customers or potential customers.  This is because different people are motivated by different appeals.  You’ll want to entertain them, you’ll want to educate them and you’ll want to persuade or inspire them.

Content that entertains

Content that entertains makes an emotional appeal to your customers.  They want to laugh.  They want to have fun.  The purpose of this kind of appeal is to make a positive connection with and create awareness of the brand.  There are many ways to entertain your customers.  Offer them games and quizzes. Hold a contest or competition like a caption contest.  Post interesting photos or videos or do a weekly meme.  Not all content has to be original.  You can share a funny, trending or emotional video from Youtube.  This should be content that is easily shareable.

Content that educates

This is where you make a rational appeal to your customer while still trying to build awareness.  What do they know about your company or your industry?  What can you tell them or show them? You can write an eBook or publish and article about your company.  You can create an infographic or guides or how to documents.  Generate a media release or a trend report.  Record a podcast or introduce a series of webinars. You can even make a SlideShare.

Content that Persuades or Inspireswoman-1197497_1280

Now that your customers are aware of your brand, it’s time to make another emotional appeal that nudges your customer towards a conversion.  You don’t need a soaring “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”-style presentation to inspire or persuade.  You just need good content in the form of a community forum.  Maybe inspire some customer reviews or get a celebrity endorsement.  Perhaps a keynote speech or the simple story of how your business started and how it suceeded will move a person.

Not all of these content types are exclusive to the purposes stated.  You can Entertain with a SlideShare.  You can educate with a keynote.  The important thing is good, consistent, quality content that strikes the right chord with your customers and eventually they will convert.


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