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Full Time Results on a Part Time Schedule: Part Two

Planning your content

OK, you have decided which channels are right for your business. We’re heading in the right direction!! Now, we need to start planning our campaigns.


Start with a calendar. There are a lot of content planning templates out there but here are two of my favorites. The first one helps you plan if you have multiple people posting to your account. The second one helps planning the actual content you will be posting each week. I recommend the second one if you need to see details of the posts and not just a quick summary. Feel free to simplify the second calendar to a reasonable amount of time per week. Several posts a day across many channels are not necessary to begin this journey!

Begin with notable holidays that you can use to promote your product. Build in lead time for orders. So if you have a big boom around Christmas, you should start promoting in October to allow time for as many orders (and their fulfillment) as possible.

Do you have annual events or sales? Plot those into the calendar. Again, build in time for ample promotion.

Finally, add in any fun posts you can think of. This can steam from one of those funny national holiday calendars or seasonal happenings. You might not have an offer for National Puppy Day but you can certainly share pictures of your employees’ dogs to entertain your users!


Start curating images about your business! If you do not have quality product shots, start snapping them. If you are offering a service and need stock photos, you can use for free images or invest in a stock photography site membership. Do not steal images from Google Image Search, as those belong to other people! You should also be asking your followers for photos they have taken. Sometimes the best images come from photo contests or loyal customers!

Schedule Your Posts

Now that you know what you want to say and have images to go along with the posts, it’s time to schedule! Hootsuite is a great free option to get started. You can set up all of your channels in the tool and then schedule out your posts. It is that easy! Now your posts will roll out on the planned days without you having to think about it each week.

One note of caution: always review your posts before they go live. Make sure none of your posts could be taken out of context if something bad happens. One example of a scheduled post gone wrong is when Tom Brady had a scheduled post asking who would be watching the game that night. It went live shortly after the shooting at Sandy Hook. The timing was unfortunate and not meant to be disrespectful. So keep a close watch on your posts!

Do you feel confident in your schedule? Tell us about it! Put aside a couple hours to get this done and you will be sailing smoothly the rest of the year!

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