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Grow Your Non-Profit Organization & Win Like the World’s Top Ten Largest Charities

There are many ways for a non-profit organization to build a renown and successful social media campaign, one that will generate the results your organization aimed to achieve. At first, the organization must lay out the ground works by making a social media marketing plan.

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Secondly, your organization should identify the target audiences, also know the platforms they (targeted audiences) use is essential for the organization choosing the right social platforms to carry-out a successful social media campaign.

Third, the non-profit organization must have exceptional management in all phases of the social media campaign – social media team, content development, measurement and conversion, engagement, and evaluation. S

Setting Attainable Goals

Use the S.M.A.R.T. acronym as a guide in setting the non-profit social media organization’s goals.

Specific – Define your non-profit organization’s goals in a concise and precise view, for example, 300 likes, 300 shares, 30 donors in 3 months.

Measurable – Make a frequent assessment of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly input and response to all the company’s social media efforts.

Achievable – Set rational goals that are within the organizational scope of achievement. Can the non-profit for example obtain 300 likes, 300 shares, 30 donors within 3 months with the resources and time the organization willing to invest in the campaign?

Relevant – Will the organization benefit from by obtaining these goals (300 likes, 300 shares, 30 donors)

Time – Within what time frame will the organization see it fit to accomplish these goals (300 likes, 300 shares, 30 donors)? The decision should base on time the non-profit willing to put into the campaign, finances and other resources.

Target Audience(s) & The Social Media Platforms

Defining the organization social media audiences will ensure the organization directing their campaign towards those who would support and uses the non-profit goods or services. Knowing the target audience geographic location, demographics, psychographics, and behavior will aid in the creation of more persuasive tailored content that will win the audience’s attention, likeness, shares, donation or use of your services.

The next step in the process the non-profit should choose the social media platforms that the targeted audiences frequently use, which based on the above attributes.

Management & Engagement

There are several social media management and measurement tools that the non-profit should consider useful, for example, Google Analytics, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite.

Non-Profit organizations ought to know that engagement between the audiences and their organization will build a brand name and imaginary amount different communities and its audiences. Most success Charities have a distinct bound in engagement with their audiences.

Call to Action

Now, it is time for your non-profit to grow in social media marketing – service the community and obtain donations. Follow the steps listed above and measure your progress each step along the way. Revisit, redesign and repurpose content strategy yield the best results based on assessment. Surely you shall the goals set-forth and beyond. Share with us brief info about your charity.

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