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Hashtag Basics from a Newbie Blogger

As a fairly new blogger (still am) one thing I did know was that hashtags are in an integral part of your social media game. I looked at it as if you don’t #hashtag your photos on Instagram then how are people going to see them? Truth is there are algorithms and such that will help with getting your content out but hashtags help and so does engaging with followers that follow you or that you follow.  We are going to talk about the basics of hashtaging specifically for Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtag Basics for Instagram and Twitter


The social media platform where you post intriguing photos with captions.

(Photo taken from my own Instagram account luggageandlove here)

Here we have an intriguing photo, a caption and as you can see a bunch of hashtags.

Basics for Instagram and hashtags:

You can only use maximum 30 hashtags per photo. If you use more that photo will not load, or if you post in the comments, the comment will not load.

Use relevant hashtags to not only your photo but to your brand. For instance, if you’re a travel blogger you might add #travelblogger or #travelblog.

Create a hashtag for your brand /community. For instance, my blog is called luggageandlove and so I created a hashtag #luggageandlove that I post on every photo so if you were to click on the hashtag you can see what photos I have posted.

Search online or on Instagram the most popular hashtags. There are some websites like or other websites where you can look up popular hashtags. On Instagram when you go to search you can Go to the “Explore” tab by clicking that magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen. Check out posts there to browse trending hashtags by scrolling down. (Kolowich, L.).


 I would say that I personally know the least about Twitter over any other social media platform but mostly because for a while I didn’t see why I would need it or if it was useful. Well I have learned through my social media classes that Twitter is important and useful in getting your brand noticed.

Basics for Twitter and hashtags:

Again, make sure they are relevant to your post, whether it is a photo, video or just a word post.

Unlike other social media platforms Twitter has a character limit of 140 so that includes all aspects of the hashtag so # sound and all the letters. #travelblog would be 11 characters.

Since there is a limit choose hashtags wisely, you can’t go crazy like on Instagram!

Since characters matter you can hashtag words currently in your post that are relevant that way you can still use hashtags but use less characters.

I still have a lot to learn as a blogger but I feel like if I can share and help other new bloggers, social media students and professionals along the way all the stress and learning will be worth it!

What do struggle with when it comes to hashtags? –or- What have you learned about hashtags you could share with others?

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