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Hashtag Your Small Business to the Next Level

hashtag-your-small-businessWant to know how to “hashtag your small business to the next level”? Start by learning a little about the hashtag! You may have noticed when flipping through a magazine, scrolling through your Instagram feed, watching television, or when reading your friends’ posts to Twitter and Facebook that the once known pound sign (#) is now common reference in our day-to-day. What has happened you ask? Well, the pound sign has now transformed into what is better known as a hashtag. It represents a grouping of words following the # that links or tags common topics. For example, you may have seen people or businesses posting #tbt when sharing a picture of themselves on a Thursday for throwback Thursday. Some would credit Twitter for naming the first use of the hashtag, but credit actually goes to blogger Steve Boyd in 2007 who began referring to the newly referred to pound sign as a hashtag.

Hashtags are not only increasing followers and engagement for personal use, but are propelling small businesses just the same. Gurbaksh Chahal, founder, chairman and CEO of the successful digital marketing and advertising company RadiumOne, acknowledges the importance of hashtags. He states that “On social media this is the most cost effective way to get your brand out there.” A small business survives on the sales it can make and typically has a very small marketing budget which makes hashtags a cost effective method to promote the business. This article features an infographic  from the Huffington Post depicts the basics of a hashtag and the power it can have for a small business. Click to see the Huffington Post Infographic!

Hashtag Your Small Business to the Next Level:

A tweet that could incorporate a product or service unique to the small business would be a perfect way to connect people to the brand or business itself. Customers could search for your product or service associated with the hashtag. Retweets relevant to a company’s hashtag could play into a marketing strategy on short dollar. The business could announce that anyone who retweets a post with a specified hashtag is eligible for a discount. Consumers like incentives and are often more than willing to do a simple task on their end to get a deal. RadiumOne backs this theory through a survey conducted that showed that 51% of consumers would be more inclined to share company hashtags if they received a purchase or prize benefit. An added bonus to employing the hashtags within your promotions is that you can easily track online activity.

Start experimenting with ways to “Hashtag Your Small Business” to the Next Level! A small business has an opportunity to take advantage of a high impact, minimal cost communication with potential and existing customers through creative use of hashtags. In a time where small business owners are watching every penny to compete with big companies, this gives them an opportunity to reach millions through social media tactics without sweating about their spending.


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