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How Personal Branding Can Affect Your Business

Personal branding is very important to your success. The way individuals interact with each other has been forever changed from the development of social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms like Pinterest, Tik Tok, Snapchat, allow for instant communication with anyone. Social media is now essential to building a large following and interacting with many people. These platforms, however, can work for your both you and your brand. These platforms, especially when combined, can help create and share your personal brand.


Invest in Personal Branding

A personal brand is marketing yourself as a brand and sharing yourself with the world. By embracing personal branding for not only top executives, but also their employees, organizations can invest in those that represent them.

“The best investment you can make as an organizational leader is to help develop people within your company for they are your brand.” (Moore, P.)

According to Pam, founder of Marketing Nutz, it takes 6-7 brand touches for your brand to be remembered. Investing in employees will help them to create a strong personal brand for themselves. This can increase the amount and quality of brand touches.

Let Personal Branding Work For You

“When you are a startup or a small business, prospects and customers are buying “you.” You need to have a strong personal brand. Otherwise, how will people know you exist? When people buy from you and become customers, they are buying what your brand stands for, which is your promise to them. When customers become loyal, raving fans, that strengthens your personal brand and grows your business.” – Kevin Kan, Break Out Consulting Asia.

Personal branding allows your target customers to connect and get to know you on an intimate level. This will help grow your business and create loyalty among your audiences. Positioning yourself as a trusted expert in your field you helps you to stand out of the crowd. This can be done through content, speaking engagements, or other vehicles. Personal branding allows you to control how you are shown or what image you put out without leaving it up to anyone else.


Personal or Business Branding?

There should not be a question of whether to have a personal or business brand or not, but how you can effectively grow both together. Personal branding is a long-term value and can be considered priceless over time. According to a Nielson Consumer Survey, only 33% of buyers trust messages from a brand while 90% trust messages from an individual they know. Eighty two percent of customers say they trust a company when the senior management members are active on social media. This means that if there is a human connection, you have a better chance of gaining their trust and loyalty. The ROI for personal branding is that it is an enhancement to the current marketing efforts. As a result, this can lead to larger streams of revenue.

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