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How Social Media Can Help To Improve Your SEO


Social media marketing, if done properly and effectively, can provide any sort of business considerable benefits, whether it’s increased brand recognition or decreased marketing costs. However, an often overlooked benefit of social media usage in the business world is the positive effect it can have on search engine optimization, or SEO.

Why should you care about SEO?

If you are not already aware of what SEO is, it’s time to become educated and embrace it. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on a results list in a search engine, like Google. These results are organic, or non-paid, and there are many benefits associated with successful SEO, including:

  • SEO has long lasting benefits with minimal additional cost
  • SEO helps to build brand credibility
  • It can provide trackable data

There are many other benefits to search engine optimization, and there are also a variety of methods in achieving desirable rankings on Google and other search engines. We can write multiple posts about the benefits of SEO and how tips to achieve it, but let’s focus strictly on the relationship between social media and search engine optimization.

A popular website with strong content is no longer a guarantee to yield good search engine results. Proficient and well-organized usage of social media in a business setting can certainly help. And there a multitude of ways in which social media can assist SEO.

Sharing Matters

One noteworthy way to improve SEO via social media is to produce content that is easily shared. It’s great to put out high-quality content for your readers, however it is just as important that that content is shared by your readers. Sharing via the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ allows your brand to connect with a larger audience.

Followers: You’ll Need Them

Similar to the previous method in improving SEO, increasing your number of followers on social media is also important. Having a consistent message through the various platforms can help to attract more followers, even though the process can be a slow-moving one. Engaging with the audience directly can help speed up that process.

Be Public, Not Private

In addition to producing sharable content and increasing your followers, it’s vital that your social media profiles and content are searchable. This can easily be overlooked, but any business that hopes to use social media to improve SEO needs to ensure that its profiles are public. Your audience should easily be able to not only find your profiles, but find the content that you’ve shared. Sharing with just your current followers will limit your potential on social media.

Social Media and SEO Done Right

While these methods only represent the tip of the iceberg in regards to social media and SEO, it’s always meaningful to see this process being utilized to near perfection in the real world. One company that shows how social media is done right, and the positive effect it can have on search engine optimization, is General Electric, or GE. A simple Google search of “General Electric” yields an impressive 6 direct links to its social media profiles on the first 2 pages of results, including Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. GE shows us that its social media profiles play a key role in the company’s marketing strategy, and that is reflected on Google.

General Electric Google Search

General Electric Google Search


Social media has many uses for businesses of any size, and each company should determine what its social media strategy will be. Before any decisions are made, companies should consider improving their search engine optimization with the help of social media, as the benefits are achievable.

You should now understand some of the basics of the relationship between social media and SEO. The above tips won’t make you an expert, however it will help to set you on the right path. Now it’s time set forth on that path and welcome it! If you found this helpful, please share and comment below.

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