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How the success of a company is affected across the generation of a family business

Supaporn Import Export Company Limited was established by “Mrs Supaporn Suktalordcheep” in 1995.  The main products are Thai herbal cosmetics and Thai herbal skin care products (Supaporn, 2011).  The company’s products quickly expanded across Thailand within 6 years. Then become well-known as a successful Thai herb cosmetic company for many years after creation.  Mrs Supapaorn Suktalordcheep is the first generation. 

Mrs Supapaorn Suktalordcheep started selling by carrying the products around and selling it to the beauty salons by consignment.  Unfortunately, the starting was rough but she kept developing her products without a doubt. She started hiring more people to help with sales across different regions.  It took some time to build awareness. Finally, most of the small grocery shops started carrying her product for sale.  However, the revenue continued to grow consistently. She wanted to pass along her masterpiece brand to the second generation of the family. Because it’s time for her to retire.

The second generation is my dad and his sisters.  They started to expand the product into modern trades and the convenience stores across the country.  After a while, there are many local distributors interested in our products.  The revenue rose to the top of a chart and started declining in 2015. Due to what we believed was a change in marketing trends. 

When traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore in this generation…

Digital marketing is the biggest change of all and the rise of social media makes consumers’ behaviour change.  Since there are significant active online shopping platforms, the small business like us should do something with it (McQuillan, 2016).  However, if not keeping up with trends, the competitor will beat us.

Moreover, my brothers and I are a part of the third generation where social media and online platforms need to be considered as a powerful marketing weapon.  The company has faced a crisis because they don’t believe in social media platform and digital tools.  They think that their own way is the best way to keep the revenue up.  However, the numbers are not lying.  According to the graph, you will see that there is a decline in 2015 – 2017 because of the digital era effected. 

New generation and content marketing on each platform…

The third generation successfully convinced the company to invest in social media platforms by creating a content marketing team. And sending them to develop their writing skills on different platforms.  Fortunately, the content marketing team is successful in building brand awareness on Facebook. (Read more: But they failed to create the number of volume sales.  This is the reason why the company needs to invest in online advertising tools too.  On the other hand, using Facebook ads is very helpful because you are able to narrow your targeting and reach more audiences that are more targeted to your products or services (Phillips, 2016).

The results

In conclusion, according to the graph, you will see that the revenue of the company started to increase because we now have our own website and our Facebook fan page that supports online shoppers. 

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