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If Disney can do it, so can you!


Partners Statue @ Walt Disney World, photo by author

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m a huge Disney fanatic. In fact I could say that the man himself, Walt Disney is a personal hero. The things he accomplished in his time and legacy he left was nothing short of phenomenal and that his beliefs and values hold through to what they company does today, especially with their social media campaigns. It’s realistically simple enough that I believe what they do can easily be done with any business.

Now with The Walt Disney Company being such massive company, there’s no way to cover every asset. It would be a book all in itself and with this entry I’m really just going to focus on what is probably my favorite aspect, the Disney Parks.


If Disney can dream social media magic, so can you!

Disney Parks’ social media efforts are rooted in their Disney Parks Blog, which focuses on their parks across the world from Disneyland to Walt Disney World to Disneyland Paris and beyond! The parks blog updates a few times a day via multiple members of their social media team. Entries can consist of updates in the parks themselves be it attractions, entertainment or upcoming projects. The blog will even focuses on their cruise lines and Adventures by Disney which is their own excursions to foreign countries!

The Disney Parks Blog as of 7/30/2014

The Disney Parks Blog as of 7/30/2014

Today we’re going show something simple, something magical that Disney does with perfection, customer service. The parks, the social media, whatever it is the Walt Disney Company wants their guest and fans feel like they are a part of something bigger. No matter what I’ve witnessed be it any of their channels I’ve never ever come across a sour cast member. They always have a smile and friendly demeanor, then again I can’t tell that through a computer or a phone line.

Let’s take a look at this social media to start, seeing this is what we’re focusing on. As huge of a company that Disney is they aren’t taking things lightly. Now obviously with the amount of tweets and mentions on Facebook and Twitter they can’t respond to every individual one but they do what they can, even if it’s a simple “hope you have a great day” in response a tweet of someone going to Epcot. It’s like getting Disney’s seal of approval. They do this in their own Parks Blog as well and once again not every comment can be responded to but they do what they can to help someone out or just make someone’s day extra magical. It also shows that your listening and that your caring about what your target audience thinks and feels. If Disney can show great customer service on social media, why can’t we, too?

If Disney Can - Parks Blog Image

Conversations on the Parks Blog.

I found an interesting article in my travels on the interwebs about How Disney Creates Magic Through Social Media. One of the more important things mentioned is that the company isn’t trying to “like-gate” people. In other words they aren’t aiming to put get as many likes as humanly possible. They’re aiming to pull on your emotions and stir something up. The author mentions that they use “touch points and opportunities” for fans and customers to get in contact with the company and it would be “foolish” for the company as a whole to keep needlessly pushing purchasing opportunities and would alienate their fan base. One last thing I’d like point out and I’m just going to directly quote, mostly because I feel I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. It’s from the same article I previously mentioned.

“Rather, Disney approaches their consumer cycle by focusing on the past and future while relating it to the present. They talk about past experiences at the parks, bring up classic characters, or build excitement for what’s next. But they rarely push what is going on now if it’s not necessary.”

Making your own social media magic

Moving on, I’d just like to talk about the simple things one can do with social media like a reply, retweet, favorite, whatever it is can mean the world to someone. A personal story, non-Disney related actually. Recently the wife and I went to a Paramore concert and a day or two later I was playing around with Instagram and had edited one of my photos of the concert, uploaded it and mentioned Hayley Williams @Yelyahwilliams on Twitter and Instagram. An hour or so later, I’m pulling out my phone on the train to Yankee Stadium and I see that Hayley herself had liked the photo. Blew. My. Mind.  Yeah she didn’t retweet or favorite it or anything but for the lead singer to give a thumbs up and say hey I like your photo is fine with me. So it’s the simple things that can make things magical.

10442463_10100432119785769_5350421156348087606_n photo

Hayley Williams and I having a social media moment!

Magical customer service with social media

Just briefly, I’m going to touch on the non social media aspects of Disney’s customer service at least on the parks side of things, between their phone lines for reservations, tech support, and the parks themselves you’ll be hard pressed to find someone unhappy with what they are doing. Yeah you might hear about the random encounter that was less than magical but all it really is going out of your way to make sure whatever it is can be taken care of to the best of your ability. A lot of little things can make one feel special, even if it’s just a smile and a hello, how are you doing today can make difference with someone.  Ever been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland on your birthday and wear one of the birthday pins? Guarantee you’ll have at least 50 cast members tell you Happy Birthday. (Maybe even the ones on the Haunted Mansion) You might even get a birthday surprise or two while the day goes on, for me I was able to get the Grey Stuff from Be Out Guest (the new Beauty and the Beast restaurant) in the Magic Kingdom on my birthday.  (Oh and believe me, it was delicious and I didn’t have to ask the dishes.)


“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious, don’t believe me, ask the dishes!” Photo by author.

So what do we learn from all this? Simplicity!  The little things can go a long way in the customer service world. If Disney can create magic with small simple details, why can’t you? Smile, be friendly! Yeah, maybe your not where you’d want to be but that positive demeanor will go a long way with those customers. Be active! Nothing shows laziness and not caring like not participating in the conversation!  These simple things will help you in the long run and will help your company and brand stick around for years to come. If Disney can do it, so can you!


Kratz, H. (2012, November 14). How Disney Creates Magic through Social Media. Social Media Today. Retrieved July 31, 2014, from


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