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Info Tactics for Infographics

Did you realize that Infographics appear on almost any topic we can imagine proliferating in the digital age with social media? (Toth. C. 2013) This type of visual content continues to explode in the business scene, business and professional communication. A unique and stand out content can attract audience to the website. Read here to learn more about How to Create Standout Content and Drive Traffic to Your Website.

Especially for your small business. Your budget for promoting content is probably lower than the giant corporation? To standout, the effectiveness of content is the must!

Siricharoen (2013) stated that with the changing lifestyle in a digital age, data and information need to be quicker and easier to be processed, delivered, and understood. The audience scrolls down the mobile screens and the desktops through a huge pool of content. That’s why only the headlines and/or visuals which standout grab their attention. Infographics are a very useful medium as they are easy to understand, eye-catchy, and shareable marketing tools.

As a matter of fact, images can easily attract audience’s attention as well but they often lack information. Infographics combine the strengths of both words and images to communicate in a powerful way with just about any audience.

Here are tactics and example to create infographics.

Have a focus point.

Not only that the audience will know what this infographic is about but it also attracts the right target audience


Easy to read and to understand!

Infographic still need text to tell the story effectively, therefore the text should be easy to read with a good choice of typography.

Tell your story with visuals.

This works well especially when it comes to showing comparisons between products. Instead of having the target audience read the whole paragraph of product information, use the visuals so that they shorten their time and have better understanding.

Use the right chart for your data.

The chart in your infographic should be easy enough to read so that it only takes readers ten seconds or less to understand. You can choose from a variety of chart designs to describe and visualize different types of data.

Are you new to infographics design and do not know where to start? Piktochart, Canva, Infogram, and Venngage provide free infographic templates for you to get started. Don’t forget to check them out.

Do you agree with our tactics for infographics?

If you have your own tactics, feel free to share with us at the comment box below!

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