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Instagage Your Way to Personal Branding Success Using Instagram

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You Can Achieve Insta-Fame Through Personal Branding

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow people to instantly communicate with large groups of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even celebrities. In fact, social media has enabled anyone to achieve a certain measure of influence and celebrity through personal branding. 

The advent and development of social media has essentially changed how individuals interact with one another both online and otherwise. Social Networks are platforms where people can create and promote their Personal Brand. And while Instagram might not be the first social network most would consider, truthfully it packs a lot of personal branding potential – more on this to follow.

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Should You Start Insta-Gramming?

The Instagram numbers alone make a great argument for giving ‘gramming’ a try.  Clearly, people are finding success and enjoyment on Instagram. With over 1 billion active users as of June 2018 – that’s a lot of people posting! 

Krishna Bora points out some cool Instagram DAILY stats:

  • On average, Instagram users upload around 95 million photos daily
  • Resulting in around 4.2 billion likes daily on Instagram
  • BUT Video posts get 38% higher engagement rate than image posts
  • And Instagram Stories are used by around 400 million users daily

These are some impressive numbers….and it seems it’s only going to continue to grow. If that doesn’t get you pumped about starting your personal brand journey on Instagram, I don’t know what will.

Why So Much Insta-Success?

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The biggest reason that Instagram has been so highly successful is that people are naturally visual. But a combination of being a visual platform with an emphasis on discovery is what makes Instagram great for personal branding. 

  1. Instagram is all about visuals and video. Generally speaking, most people respond more to visuals – rather than a bunch of words. On Instagram, you can easily use compelling photos to drive traffic to your site, capture your followers’ attention, and generate excitement.
  2. Like Twitter, no permission is needed on Instagram. Unless you have your account set to private if people like your posts they can follow you.
  3. Instagram makes it easy to be found and trend. Instagram is powered by hashtags to help your content be discovered! If you are strategic with your hashtag use (11 hashtags is the current recommendation) and create great visuals your post might even make it onto the Explore page!

Instagage Your Way to Personal Branding Success

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Okay, but I bet your wondering… with so many people posting, how is Instagram going to help me build MY personal brand? An important tip is to remember to post frequently (at least once a day). But you must also learn how to engage – or rather to INSTAGAGE!

  • It’s critical to engage with your followers. Once you have them, be sure to like your followers’ posts and to comment. This will help build strong relationships with your followers! Think about it. Every comment you get means someone, somewhere also took the time to look at your post, respond and share their thoughts. 
  • Make sure you’re tagging people and brands. A very effective personal branding strategy is to engage. Definitely use tagging to your advantage when promoting your posts and your personal brand.
  • Take advantage of all Instagram has to offer. Instagram Stories allow you to highlight posts or ‘stories’ that are eye-catching, fun, and include live links – sending viewers straight to your web page or blog! You can add filters, Geotags, or text to your Instagram Stories for a personal brand touch.

Don’t Overlook Your Insta-Insights

Image of Instagram icons representing loves, comments, and follows for Insta-success.

Instagram reaction icons. Credit:

Instagram provides business accounts with Instagram Insights, which is a free tool to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. By measuring follower likes, comments, and re-posts, these analytics help you gauge the performance of your content.

Make a point of viewing your Instagram Insights regularly, in order to:

  1. Gain valuable information about your audience.
  2. Compare and note the content that engages your audience the most.
  3. Repeat and expand on what works for you – and your audience.

Ready, Set… Go INSTAGAGE!

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