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Instagram Stories: Not Just for Selfies

Advantages of Instagram Stories for Small Business Marketing


Instagram has over 250 million users on a daily basis. Released last year, the Instagram stories feature allows users to post images, boomerangs, and videos which are visible for only 24 hours. This might not seem like it would make a big impact, but Instagram stories are extremely popular, passing views on Snapchat in only one year. Instagram users under 25 spend over 30 minutes a day on Instagram, while those over 25 spend over 20 minutes a day on the platform. More than half of the brands who use Instagram are regularly posting on their Instagram stories.



Images of various Instagram stories


Consumers are on Instagram

So, what does this mean for small businesses? It means that smaller brands must take advantage of this trend as well. Knowing that so many users of varying demographics spend a significant amount of time on Instagram daily is valuable information. Small businesses should meet their customers where they are, and sometimes where they are is viewing Instagram stories. Instagram is clearly tooling itself toward a platform that is ideal for marketing. Small businesses shouldn’t leave that opportunity to bigger organizations. With the geolocation and hashtagging features, Instagram can allow for specific target which small businesses should take advantage of. Instagram stories are a quick and convenient way to engage with consumers and share content with them daily. This could be content that they wouldn’t regularly see.



Another advantage of Instagram stories is that it allows for authenticity. A typical Instagram post might seem too staged or forced, but a moment shared in a story can allow for spontaneity. This can also allow for the brand’s voice to be showcased more clearly with the audience. The story can allow for a personal touch. The small business might allow employee takeovers of the Instagram account. This might involve using the stories feature to give viewers a unique look into the daily lives of various employees. This can help consumers understand that real people are running the business and those same real people are running the Instagram account. A successful marketing plan in this day and age should absolutely include Instagram, and the platform’s stories feature is a valuable marketing tool.




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2 Responses

  1. Brittany Rolle says:

    Great article Hanna. One of the reasons I like the Instagram stories is because it allows you to see the brand or company you follow in an unscripted authentic way.

  2. Samantha Krause says:

    Great topic! I use both snap chat and instagram stories. I prefer Instagram for when I am looking at stories, because I feel the format they appear in to view the stories is cleaner. For small business using Instagram stories is a great way to get in front of clients without being intrusive. The content from the business is seamlessly displayed with the content of friends.

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