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It’s Simple- Be Compliant



With anything in the world your always going to have a couple of rotten apples in the bunch that ruins the experience for the whole group. Therefore it is imperative users take compliance rules extremely when cruising through social media platforms. As a consumer I understand sometimes rules can be confusing or easy to forget. However, blatantly ignoring the rules or exhibiting a lack of care by not reviewing the rule sis completely pathetic. Rules are in places to maintain order and hold everyone accountable. In the social media world incidents, scandals, shameful posts and images are uploaded in a matter of seconds and are up on multiple social media outlets for millions to view.

In order to enhance the social media experience there are some do’s and don’ts to consider:


Make sure you are at least 13 years of age

Make sure you create passwords that are strong and secure which will be difficult for hackers to penetrate through

Any suspicious activity with your account please notify tech support immediately


Do not transfer your account to any other groups or other connections

Do not use someone else account without their permission

Do not use the service for any of the commercial uses unless you obtain YouTube’s prior written approval

Do not upload content that you have not created

Don’t steal any photos and videos that other people have shared and pass them off as your own

Don’t upload any content that is illegal or prohibited

Don’t spam

Don’t be disrespectful and derogatory towards others on social media circuits


Following the rules mentioned above will lead to a rich and enhanced social media experience. Violators will be dealt with accordingly, so potential violators be careful and mindful of your every step when using social media. In the social media world things can get heated and posts can be made in retaliation.¬†However, ¬†social media world is meant for others to share their views and thoughts in meaningful manner without offending any one. The social media circuits are designed to foster meaningful relationships between users allowing them to connect with old friends, family, as well as new companies. Therefore, violating the compliance rules pretty much ruins the experience for others who may have their own agenda and reasoning for being on social media at that particular month. In today’s day and age accountable is everything and those who fail to hold themselves accountable for their actions are never able to take their talents to next level due to their lack of maturity and blatant disregard and care for the rules.


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