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Make Your Personal Brand Shine in the Digital Universe And Your Tribe Will Follow

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Acknowledging that your Personal Brand exists within a Digital Universe full of competitive ‘Stars’ is important. But oftentimes this causes one to wonder how their light will be bright enough to outshine all the other Stars.

It’s easy to become discouraged, lose sight of your Personal Brand, and feel small and irrelevant in the Digital Universe once you realize how many competitors are out there.

“Maybe those competitors are much brighter and better,” says the voice in my head.

Sometimes I have to have a talk with myself about these three ‘universal’ truths:

1. You DON’T have the bandwidth to help EVERYONE.

There are more than enough people in the Universe, or even within range of a small personal drone, for you and your competitors to serve.

By creating content around your unique value you claim your position in the Content Cosmos. And by sharing your value uniquely through your blog and social media YOUR Digital Tribe will find and follow you.

2. You CAN’T be better at ALL things.

But you can focus on sharpening the unique skills you possess to do some things better than most anyone else in the Universe.

In his book about why developing rock star skills is more important than passion, Cal Newport insists you become “so good they can’t ignore you.”

3. You WON’T jibe with ALL people.

The Universe is made up of people with different styles, personalities, and ways of working. Some will prefer your competitor, or their approach, over you. And that’s OKAY!

GaryVee's content strategy retrieved from:
GaryVee’s content strategy retrieved from his website.

With 1.93 million followers on Twitter (@GaryVee), no marketer ignores Gary Vaynerchuk. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes or agrees with him (see Why Gary Vaynerchuk is Flat Out Wrong).

So what’s the best advice for making your Personal Brand shine in the Digital Universe?

  • Be aware of the hot topics, organizations, and ‘Stars’ that exist in your field. But don’t let the Digital Universe make you feel small or throw you off course.
  • Don’t try to outshine the competition in all things. Just focus on shining a bright light on the things you do better than most.
  • Create and share authentic, intentional, and consistent content frequently. And your tribe will follow your beacon to the edge of the Universe!

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