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New Social Tools Help #SmallBusiness Owners Stand Out

new social toolsNew social tools are helping small business owners do what they love  to do; whether they are dog walkers or shoe makers,  or hole in the wall coffee shop. Some entrepreneurs could very well be working for the top 19.5% of the pyramid with a comfortable salary and a corner office overlooking downtown, but they would rather put all their energy into what they love doing. Home based operated small businesses represent a 52% share of the total US work force; (SBA, 2016) a number that makes a huge sum of the total US economic pie. 50% of small businesses do not deliver the results that owners dreamed off and as a result they are forced to close within the first 5 years of operation (SBA, 2016). This can possibly be due to a combination of lack of business management training, and poor marketing strategies execution.

New Social Tools Help Tap Into Customers

img_4699Using the new social tools available in the field of social media marketing, small businesses can really tap in on a well of customers albeit, this still requires knowledge of the new marketing strategies and dedication. The old rules of marketing still apply with the only difference being a twisted element, social media (Scott, 2011). By design, marketing strategies intend to interrupt. For years, marketers have utilized interruption strategies to get the attention of their targeted customers, whether it was via cold calling, a perfume sample insert in magazines, exaggerated billboards ads on otherwise well designed buildings, and augmented reality being the latest addition.

How do you cut through the clutter and noise?

Start your own YouTube channel, show people genuine care by giving tutorials on how to clean carpets stains, repair jewelry, mend torn jeans, or whatever goods or services you offer. Be the thought leader and people will follow you as their guide to their problems. Give them the “AHA That’s how you do it!” feeling. Provide answers, and sincere care.

Utilize hashtags properly. Rather than coming up #with #your #own #hashtag do some research and see where the hashtag leads you, don’t make the same mistake DiGiorno made when they used #WhyIstayed, as means of publicity with a hashtag used to bring awareness to spousal abuse.

Don’t ever utilize other people’s problems, a country’s turmoil, or political crisis as an opportunity to advertise your products as Kenneth Cole did with #Cairo during their uproar (Yahr, 2013).

To really get customers to trust you, you must be genuine, courteous, and social. Don’t be the person handing out business cards or recruiting for Tupperware parties during social dinners. Social media is about being social. Use new social tools as much as possible. The content written should not only be about you, your business or your organization, it should be about caring about your clients and their needs and how to deliver answers so they can go find you whenever they need you.
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