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New York City Ballet Attracts Art Lovers on Social Media

New York City Ballet

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Nonprofit organizations like New York City Ballet that have a social media page that merely just exists is not enough. Engaging with one’s target audience over social media is a very crucial piece of creating buzz. “Great content and experiences make people feel connected to an organization, and when these connections happen, conversations turn into socially visible endorsements for a nonprofit” (Stern, 2014)  The key for a nonprofit is to inform their audience about a mission and then recruiting them to support the organization in many ways. The more people feel a part of an organization like New York City Ballet, the more they want to help in it’s success.

New York City Ballet has developed creative ways to increase donations to the arts. Many nonprofits depend on direct mail and flyers to request donations of their target audience. These flyers may be mailed out around a time when there is an upcoming performance in hopes that the target audience will purchase tickets or donate to the company. With the evolution of social media, direct mail may not be the most effective way to reach one’s target customer anymore.  Social media “doubles, triples and even quadruples exposure of a company to their target audience” (Blackwell, 2013). Instead of sending out a mailer to a household that may have purchased a ticket to a New York City Ballet show in the past, the company can now reach people who may not have ever attended a show but want to help the company in other ways.

New York City Ballet’s Turnout Facebook Application

With over 461,848 likes on Facebook and 69,000 on Twitter, New York City Ballet was on a mission. As a solution to receive donations, New York City Ballet created an application on Facebook called “Turnout.” With this application, New York City Ballet encourages their dance loving followers to host events that bring in donations. Whether it is creating a marathon team, throwing a cocktail party, or even holding a karaoke event, New York City Ballet has started an initiative to raise funds in a creative way using social media.  While donations were once requested on the back of a performance booklet, the company has moved them into the social media stratosphere creating a fun way for arts lovers to get involved. The message is not only reaching the demographic of people that are still attending ballets, but now also arts lovers who are on social media and are interested in helping the arts.

New York City Ballet's Turnout Application

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New York City Ballet can be found on Facebook ( , Twitter (@nycballet), Pinterest (, and YouTube (  For more information about the “Turnout” application, visit: To donate to the company, please visit:


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