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Non-Profits creating Change

When looking into Non-Profits and their causes it takes a little bit of time to wean out the fakes and truly find the Organizations that are there to help the cause that they set out to help. In this blog I will discuss a strategic way that non-profit organizations can hit their goals and ultimately help their client base. One of my favorite Non-Profit Organizations is Together we Rise, this company is based out of Brea California where they are an Organization that helps and supports Foster Children. This is what is so amazing about non-profits is that they are mainly there to help. Yes, there of course are people out there trying to make a quick dime off of pulling peoples heart strings but for the most part they are there to help.

Understanding the Strategy

“As various factors change, the nonprofit may need to adjust its plans. While the process of bringing everyone together to plan for the future is energizing, once that is in the rearview mirror, don’t let the plan gather dust on the shelf. If no one refers to the plan after it is completed, then it’s hardly serving as a “strategic” guide! (National Council of Nonprofits)”. It is imperative that these organizations not only look into everything they will need to succeed, but also what is out there that can hold them back or keep them from achieving their goals. That is why it is so important that each of these organizations create a SWOT analysis in order to see what their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. This will give them a fighting chance.

Heart behind the Organization

It is very important that the board in charge of the nonprofit organizations are there for the right reasons. It is hard to make sure that people will allocate money where it needs to go properly. People tend to get greedy such as Goodwill where they take most of their profits for the CEO and other head staff. This is where you can go wrong, when the money is not being funneled back into the organization properly it will no longer serve the people who it was meant to serve. So before donating to just any nonprofit make sure you do your research and find out how they allocate their funds and make sure that it is how you would like your money spent.

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