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Online Boutiques Use Social Media To Spread the Word

online boutiquesGone are the days where small startup businesses had to fight for a small ray of spotlight that big corporations so easily take up. Since the turn of the new millennium, social media drastically changes the way people communicate, inform, and educate one another.  It isn’t a media form for young 20-somethings anymore.

Small businesses have so much potential to benefit from social media and the awareness that it can spread.

Small clothing boutiques and online boutiques are prime examples of utilizing the social media to promote their businesses. One great social media platform that has been successful for these little stores is Pinterest. The social site has exploded over the past few years, and is quite addictive in my opinion – I’m sure some of you would attest to the elaborate boards I know you all have!

Because each pin is essentially linked to a website, the more the image is repinned, the more exposure the products of  these online boutiques will receive. It’s free basically free advertising! I have found several items that I have purchased online solely by finding them through Pinterest.

Another great social media marketing tool that online boutiques are using is the SEO optimization and Sponsored Facebook ads.

This type of social media marketing targets audiences that are most likely to visit the Facebook page or website of Online Boutiques.  The more individuals that “like” the ad, the more it shows in people’s news feeds.


Online Boutiques Use Social Media to Spread the Word

This accessible form of word-of-mouth marketing offers a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs with limited budgets.  And article written by a popular “social shopping” platform Soldsie, said it the best:

The good news is, selling products online has the inherent benefit of allowing your business to leverage its social media presence. Through an app your fans on Facebook and Instagram can purchase a product you post just by commenting “sold.” Customers don’t need to leave the page they’re browsing and go through a disruptive check-out process–the buying experience is embedded within the social experience. 


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6 Responses

  1. Alexandra Barba says:

    Excellent blog post! I am also obsessed with Pintrest and have many blogs on my personal site. Pintrest is great for companies because they can post a picture of their product and if the consumer is interested they can click on the picture to be directed to go to the companies site. I have bought many items over Pintrest and it has actually led to my blog post topic Etsy. It is a perfect place for small business owners to go and promote their products in a fun modern way instead of submitted a write up of a paper.What is also great about the site is that if someone likes something so much they can pin it and save it to one of their boards. Once that happens it shows throughout all of their friends and hits a whole different target market and just keeps continuing to grow.

  2. Jie W says:

    Personally, I like Pinterest. All information in an image so that I can quick view what I want to read. In addition, social media is the great way to promote brand, for example boutiques. As I know, target consumers of boutiques are easier to accept social media.
    Great post!

  3. Jackie C says:

    I love shopping at boutiques. The unique and one of kind finds can make my day. Thanks for a great article to help small boutiques take advantage of the possibilities available by networking via social media.
    Jackie C

  4. Jessica S says:

    I am also a big fan of online boutiques! I do see Pinterest helping these businesses take off and promote themselves even in my own use of the app.

  5. Karina P says:

    Yup, count me in on the pinterest bandwagon! It certainly has helped bring fame to bloggers and small businesses alike. It’s usually through Pinterest that I start following a blog. You bring up an excellent advantage of pinning- it has the power of multiplying its exposure time and again if its a popular picture or site linked to it. Great post on the power of Pinterest for small businesses!

  6. I truly appreciate this article.Much thanks again.

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