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Paid or Organic Marketing, Which does your business need?

For a company to have a successful digital marketing campaign, it is important for them to have a mix of both paid and organic marketing, as they compliment each other.

Each have their pros that can help an organization be successful..

Paid and Organic Online Marketing Media Graphic of man holding a tablet.

Lets take a look at the top 5 pro’s of Paid Digital Marketing

5. Awareness

Due to the fact that utilizing paid advertising is inexpensive, paid advertising is a great way to increase your companys awareness with a cost effective budget!

Paid advertising is also great for introducing a new product or service.

It also ensures your target market is being hit, as you can set exactly who see’s your advertisement.

4. Flexibility

The flexibility of paid advertising is definitely a benefit for small businesses!

Small businesses might not have the budget to create and develop extremely expensive content.

Paid digital marketing allows any company flexibility in what they can post!

It allows small businesses to still target their custom end users, but have the flexibility to post either a short video, or picture.

This also allows the small business to still utilize the paid services to their marketing budget.

3. Affordable

Paid advertising is extremely affordable for small businesses! A company can set their budget accordingly whether that is $100 or $1,000.

This gives the small business with a lower budget, the ability to market effectively against their larger competition but within their budget.

Paid social media campaigns can be launched at any budget, making them an excellent solution for small businesses of all sizes.

Social media graphic showing the number of users by social media platform. 1.28 Facebook, 540 google +, 255 million Twitter, 187 Million Linkedin

2. Get Market Insight

Thanks to paid digital marketing, a small business can get great market insight to their target market through paid advertising.

The reporting feature on many social media platforms, allow them to see many features.

You can also understand geographically what parts of the country respond to certain types of ads.

This is a great way for a small business to zone in on their digital marketing!

1. Maximize Marketing Effectiveness

Paid advertising is an awesome feature for small businesses to grow at a very affordable price.

The ROI on paid advertising, if done correctly is a great way for a small business to compete against their larger competitors.

Paid advertising is also a great way to enhance a companies organic marketing as well!

As a company builds community online, they can start to see which organic posts are resonating with their target market vs others.

Boosting those organic posts that are already performing well, will increase their reach!


It is extremely important for the company to have a mix of both paid and organic marketing.

Paid marketing will allow the company to make themselves look bigger than they are, and allow them to compete to their largest capabilities.

Utilize paid advertising for the reasons above, and to enhance your organic posts!

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