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Personal Branding for Job Seekers using LinkedIn

Personal Branding for Job Seekers

The method that business uses to find a job seeker candidate for their open positions has evolved with the use of social media.  We now use websites that help us personal brand ourselves and focuses on connecting the right individual to the right job.

Looking at how we used to create a resume and cover letter; people selected a style that fit their need.  Some are diehard fans of the reverse chronological resume that focuses on listing your career in reverse order.  Others feel that a functional resume is a better expression of their skills.  Either way, we tie this document with a cover letter.  Here is a little more information:

Today, we have the opportunity to find jobs using social media sites like LinkedIn.  LinkedIn allows individual to create a portfolio of experiences, discuss ideas relative to their interests and work experiences, and connect with other in their field.

Using LinkedIn to connect with potential employers, with coworkers, and individuals who have experience in your field are the benefits of this social media platform.  So, the question then becomes; how do I use this platform to find a job?

LinkedIn allows you to create a biographic section.  This allows you to tell the potential employer about yourself.  Your name, contact information, any website or blog area that you have developed, degrees and past experiences.  Once you have basically taken the information from your resume and placed it in LinkedIn; you are ready to begin the next crucial step of personal branding.  This step is highlighting the skills and experiences that you feel are your best qualities.  For instance, if you feel that you have strong leadership skills you can list this as a special skill.

Personal Branding

Once you have your information entered, you now begin connecting with others.  You want these individuals to endorse you (creating networking opportunities) and the skills that you say that you have.  This becomes a recommendation letter for that potential employer to see.  For instance, I am still building my network but have 385 connections.  My endorsements are in several that show where my experience has been most influential.  For instance, I have been endorsed in higher education, distance learning, e-learning, public speaking and community outreach.  These are just a few that my community has felt I am the strongest.  Here is a link to my LinkedIn page:

Networking using LinkedIn

After networking and developing your endorsements; you are now ready to go.  You begin post articles and reposting ideas that show your career focus helping to create your own brand.  These posting and endorsements will get you noticed by potential employers.  You have the opportunity to use LinkedIn as a job board.  There are hundreds of jobs that are posted on LinkedIn and with a completed profile you have the ability to apply for that perfect job without even needing to send them a resume or cover letter.  Here is a link to just a few of the jobs on LinkedIn    It is all done through social media.

The use of endorsements and article postings in LinkedIn helps to develop the individual’s personal brand.  Branding for a new job is one of the best methods for being the right candidate.  Along with posting the articles and content on LinkedIn, it is important to make sure that you add the same content to your Facebook, Twitter, and on your personal blog page.  If you do decide to send a traditional resume and cover letter; it is important to make sure that you add the articles and all of your social media accounts.

A word of caution, make sure that you have a clean and professional social media posting.  There is nothing worse than to develop a professional LinkedIn and resume and lose the job because of your social media posts.


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