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Pit Bull Awareness Month Corrects Discrimination with Social Media

PIT Bull

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Did you know that the Pit Bull Breed is the number one dog breed in the world that is misunderstood? October is “Pit Bull Awareness Month” and will help to correct discrimination against the breed with social media.



Pit Bulls are thought to be aggressive, dangerous, and sometimes even lethal to other animals and people, but this is not the case. Once known as “America’s Breed”, the breed itself is very trustworthy, loyal and intelligent dogs. It’s never the dogs it’s the owners. The media publicizes crazy myths, and they label a dog Pit Bull even if it’s not just based off of some distinct markings that may resemble a Pit Bull. The media only focus on specifically negative and extreme incidents surrounding a particular dog without reflecting on the circumstances surrounding the incidents.

Pit Bull Awareness Month Corrects Discrimination with Social Media

Pit Bulls are known for their determination, and willingness to stay focused and when they commit themselves to a task they see it through. There are many dogs that are more aggressive then the Pit Bulls and these dogs happen to be smaller in size. If you were to look at the reports of attacks and bites there are more Chihuahua attacks than Pit Bulls, the media tends to avoid reporting this because of the size of the dog and no one wants to hear about a 10 pound dog. The media is truly and clearly bias and unfair towards these Pit Bulls. Why?

There are several news media sites that use what they have and only focus on the negative side of the Pit Bull Breed you can view some of them here:,

The media has deemed this breed dangerous for so long that they are banned in as many as 700 U.S. cities. This information can be found on

Even though Social Media and your local media has deemed this breed to be dangerous and deadly this is not the case, these are just in fact isolated cases they just choose to focus on. As a Pit Bull owner and being in a family full of Pit Bull owners and many other dog breeds I can say it’s not the dog, it’s the owner.


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