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Promoting Your Event: 5 Tips to Generate Buzz

Promoting Your Event with Social Media - ProfessionalsEveryone is connected to social media and there is no point in trying to disconnect them. So, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat em’, join em’! That means businesses need to drop (or at least scale back) the hardcopy material they hand out and start posting promotional content on every social network site they can. To generate the type of crowd you need to make an event a success, it will require careful planning ahead and strategic manipulation of status updates, photographs, hashtags, and the like. Below are the best practices for promoting your event on social media.

1. Choose social media platforms aimed at your target market

It is extremely important to remember that if your target market is on a social network, you probably should be too, and so should your promotion efforts. Choosing the social platforms where you will be promoting your event is really just a matter where your best results have spawned in the past. Facebook and Twitter will most likely be your primary sources here, so use this to your advantage. There are so many different uses for both networks and it is vital to be familiar with these opportunities in order to maximize effectiveness.

2. Generate content that’s fine-tuned to promote your event

…But not just any content. You need to generate quality, fine-tuned content—the kind that keeps viewers coming back from more. When deciding on what to include, be sure to remember that it needs to be relevant to your subject and eye-catching. Try incorporating different company images, logos, and event specifics to culminate into a polished final product. Think about your branding of the event itself when promoting your event.

3. Create a timeline that generates momentum

Knowing when to post your material is going to be crucial to how long your social media promotional campaign will run and if it will prove to be successful. If begun too early, the campaign may die out before the event actually takes place. This can be avoided by keeping a set weekly/monthly timeline on what to post and when to post it. Also be mindful about posting too late. This will most likely cause consumers to stray in another direction, which would not involve attending your event. Remember to be punctual and don’t miss out on a post. Consistency is critical when promoting your event.

promoting your event on social media4. Engage consumers on social media when promoting your event!

Engaging your consumers via social media is probably the most important take-away from all of this. If your viewers are not interested in what they’re seeing, they wont show up to your event. Just as a general rule of thumb, it is important to engage viewers at all times on social media. If you want the best results, be sure to pair this with content generation and make sure they work well together. Exceptional content will lay the groundwork for consumer engagement. Try asking questions on status updates or rewarding their social media involvement with a special offer of sorts. Think of unusual methods for promoting your event that will attract your particular target audience.

5. Reflect on your event promotion successes

The biggest part of promoting your event is the follow through. Was your campaign successful? How was your turnout? Where do you go from here? These are the questions you can ask about your efforts when you start to wrap things up. But do not stop there. Reflecting about the event is just one piece of the puzzle. Retool your social media promotion strategy for your next big event. Find ways to capitalize upon what you found worked and do away with those things that did not. Remember time is money. So identifying the things you did well will help make your promotional efforts more efficient.

Do you have tips to share about PROMOTING YOUR EVENT with social media?  Please share with us in the comments area below. Thanks!

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