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Quick Guide to Accelerate Small Business Sales

Quick Guide to Accelerate Small Business Sales

 There is no denying that when it comes to personal or business reasons, society has adapted quickly by means of social media. For business purposes, small company’s can increase their brand exposure quickly and generate sales faster. Take this statistics for instance, 71% of consumers who had a positive experience on social media will recommend the brand (Kayla, 2018). What leads to sales is when you can get your audience to engage in content, and videos and images receive 5 times more engagement than posts without (Kayla, 2018). Knowing your target audience, who they are, where they are, and what they want is important to social media sales success. Adults aged 18-34 (Millennials) comprise of 95% of the people who follow brands via social media (Kayla, 2018). These statistics are to help put things into perspective on how to build a campaign around the people that are influenced by social media campaigns. Below are ten ways you can increase your social media sales in a short period of time!

Be Where Your Audience Is.

In order for you to sell anything you need to be where the people are buying your product. For examples knowing what your target demographic is, and where and what platforms they are most active on. Consider using Keyhole as a tool for finding where your target audience is most active (Barker, 2018).


Infographic] Where is Your Audience Spending Time Online?

Work with Influencer’s.

For small businesses it is unlikely you will get any A-Listers, however if you have a niche market and cant afford any big names find local influencer’s that will help grow your sales (Barker, 2018).

mage result for influencer marketing


Turn Loyal Customers into Advocates.

If you don’t have the budget for influencer’s, another great way to increase sales is by using your existing customers and turning them into advocates by posting pictures, and by using hashtags. (Barker, 2018).

Platform Selection.

As mentioned before, platform selection is imperative to increasing brand exposure which will ultimately lead to sales. However, not all platforms are created equal. Using tools to discover what platforms your audience is active is crucial to boosting sales.

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Easy Read Content.

Create content that is easy to read so that your audience isn’t confused. Using pictures and videos is always a good idea.

Feedback from Followers.

This might be one of the most important of them all. As a small business, you are only as good as your audience/followers. Follow them, listen to them, and know what they are saying about you. Their feedback is crucial to capitalize on something they are attracted to or change something that isn’t working. One common technique for getting feedback from them is by creating a poll for them to vote on (Summer, n.d).

Build Trust.

In this day and age with so much business being e-commerce, with that increase comes the risk of data breaches. Ensure your audience and customers their data and privacy is safe and the forefront of your business. If they can trust you with their information, they will keep coming back.

Same Handle for All Platforms.

Consistent actions yield consistent results. Keeping your brand consistent across the platforms will make it easy for people to find.

Repost Content from Real People using Your Product.

Real life testimonials are so important to ramping up sales. The old saying goes, “people want what people have”. Take this into consideration if they see real people using and loving your product, it will be a greater selling tool than you as the company trying to sell it.

Speak Your Audience’s Language.

Last, but certainly not least is speaking your audiences language. If your audience is primarily millennials, you can use more relaxed vernacular, use common language, slang and even emojis with them (Long, 2018).

These are great ideas to get sales increased quickly but also a great way to create sustained success with your social media campaigns.














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