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4 Quick Steps to Nonprofit Storytelling

4 Quick Steps to Nonprofit Storytelling

By Amy Hoskinson (@amySNHU)

whatsyourstoryLet’s face it, we humans love stories.  We watch a lot of TV, see many movies, read masses of books and enjoy gathering around while a friend, family member or co-worker weaves a tale.  In fact, our brains are hardwired to love good storytelling.  The unfortunate truth is not everyone can tell a good story even when the content is there. The story just is not always told in a relatable way, and relatable is the most important part.  For some great tips to get the creativity going, check out The Power of Storytelling.  However, before a nonprofit can start writing a story, it must find one to write.

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Step 1: Find the story

All businesses can find happy customers to give a positive testimonial, but non-profits often affect the lives of others in such a way that those testimonials, or stories, become much more compelling.  After all, they are true stories by other people like you or me, and that leads to much more credibility than just for an organization to say what they can do.  Non-profit operators are often particularly aware of those individuals the organization has helped.  Use these experiences, put into words, images, and video to reach others and make connections.  This brief video highlights 3 reasons to Practice Your Nonprofit Storytelling.

Step 2: Let people tell their own story

No one can tell a story as well as the person who has lived the experience, but not everyone can tell even their story in a compelling way; that’s where you come in.  Ask open-ended questions about NonProfit Thought cloudhow the non-profit has helped this person.  Weave the questions into the conversation so that it is told more naturally than simply an interview.  Steer the conversation to draw out the most important aspects of how your organization has helped the individual, their family, their community, and so on.

Step 3: Edit the Content

 Gaining information from others can be a challenge if they are not natural storytellers.  Ample content will allow for proper editing so that the message is clear and the story is compelling to others.  When editing the content, keep the story moving and interject dialogue to fill in the gaps and keep the story engaging.

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Step 4: Publish & Promote

When the story is published, be sure to promote it.  Consider follow-up stories so the viewer can gain perspective on the long-term benefits the non-profit delivers.  Add more stories and always keep content current.  Compelling stories will gain followers and benefactors.

I’d love to hear your best tips for getting a good story out in the comments below.

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