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Share Your Wealth to Grow Your Niche Market

How small businesses can share more than advertisements 

Niche Market

You’ve started a business within a highly specialized niche. Yet, you suddenly realize all of your content on social media involves advertisements and sales announcements. Now, you are sitting there wondering why you do not have more variety, and how you can change this! The hobby that gave you this fantastic idea for a business and you’ve spent hours and hours looking at example of others in your niche market.

You may feel like you only know how to create great tag lines for your latest product on sale. We all have stories about our passions that would show our followers WHY they NEED our product in their life, and we simply need ideas on how to share them. Your niche market followers share the same interests, why not build loyalty by sharing experiences and knowledge? How do you compare to your competition and their approach, do they share stories?  You know there are ways to get past just sharing ads. After all,  you are the expert- share your wealth to grow your niche!

I will use my interest, fly fishing for this as an example, but you can substitute any niche market (Yarn Spinning, Antique Restoration, Sewing and more) to create content. The content will bring more and more of your peers to the site, build a relationship, and grow your brand! You will achieve all of this and still be able to revisit your passion every day. Heck, continued research, practice and innovations are a MUST to maintain and create fantastic content! It’s a win-win! 

Invite Followers to Experience Your Niche 

As we scroll through Instagram, there is no shortage of fly fishing products, photos of stunning trout, and “Enter to Win” contests. These are wonderful when used within a mix of other content. For example, a viewer that uses a spinning rod is scrolling through Instagram and notices more fly rod and reel posts. This leads to an interest in possible learning about fly fishing, so they look for information on how to start. When unable to find any educational information- only ads or sale prices- you may lose their interest, and a potential customer. Customers want to know why they need to buy that product, why they should be interested in your niche.

Content Ideas For a Niche Market

That’s where your expertise comes in! Through a series of posts, I will share ideas of how to think outside of the “sales” mindset.  Today, I will speak on the first idea for content which is create a series of posts that tell your story (from the beginnings, present, and beyond): 

1. How You Got Your Start in [ Niche Market]

The first fish I caught on a fly rod- A catch is a catch, no matter how small!

An example would be, growing up I loved being by the water. In the creek, pool or ocean. I went fishing a couple of times when I was younger, have known people who fish religiously- and loved stories I would often hear about catches (and misses). Though I rarely had the chance to go fishing myself, but I continued to read books written by fly fishermen, watched movies and shows about fishing- and it was when I read, “A River Runs Through it,” when I was in my early 20’s that I began my journey to learn about the sport.  

I could speak about my first fly rod and reel, which I found at an antique shop in Ohio, the reel was a Pflueger (made in Akron, Ohio in the 1940’s) and the rod was a South Bend from the 1930’s. Incorporating the brands you began with would help with appearing in results for viewers searching those companies. 

 As you move forward in the series, you can start to incorporate newer brands you have discovered (or sell) as you’ve learned more through your journey.

 2. How to Get Started in the Niche

Fly Fishing is a great Niche Market

Create a post that is a list of what your follower will need to get started in the activity. Start with the very basics, and if you sell the items, you would recommend creating an “Essential Tool Kit” to make it easy for your customer to join you. When I started fly fishing, I went to a local fly shop, and they had practice rods, kits with a starter rod, reel, and flies, and offered group or solo classes. Here is Cocodrie Fly Fishing with a post about the best deals on starter kits, this is a great example of recommendations for your viewer.   Make it easy for your viewer to start their journey! 

3. When You Decided to Open Shop

Tell the story of the moment you decided to become a business owner (or a personal brand).  What happened during that time that helped you find your calling?  Did you recognize a need in your community for this idea?  Were friends and family telling you continuously that your idea should be shared with the world?  This post would invite the viewer right on in to your mindset while your business came to life! 

Here is another great post about small business, and how to tell their back story: 50 Shades of Small Business Brand Building in 5 Easy Steps.

Hopefully this will help you begin exploring new ways to engage with your market!  Join me next time to continue learning how to create unique content for your brand. I will bring tips on how to incorporate photos, videos, and links into your content. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please comment below! I will be happy to share my insight!  

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