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Is Your Small Business Marketing Plan Solid?

Small Business Marketing Plan

Every business needs to have a solid marketing plan in place. This is especially important if you are a small business. Marketing is the lifeline of your business, so a strong small business marketing plan is vital. It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how great of a company you have if no one knows about it. It’s also serves as a way to showcase how you differ from your competitors. If you want to make sure you are solid footing there are 3 components you need to have and understand when creating your plan: identify your target audience, the importance of content, and branding.

Identify Your Target Audience

When it comes to creating your marketing plan identifying your target audience is imperative. But first let’s break down exactly what your target audience is. Your target audience is basically your ideal customer. So that would be the “person” whose problem your product or service solves. Once you have identified that “person” you need to identify the pain points or problems that “person” faces, where you can reach them, and how they prefer to receive their information. Once you have the target audience set then you can turn your focus toward the content you will create.

The Importance of Content

What is content? Content is all the information including the words, images, and tools that you upload to a website (Handley & Chapman 2012). The purpose of content is to provide information that is useful to your audience. The content you create or share with your audience helps you to establish credibility, trust, and authority with them. This content is where you want to share how your product or service can help them solve their problem or just educate them on a subject that is relevant to their life. The more valuable your audience views the information you provide the more likely they are going to trust you and view you as an authority. People do business with people the like, know, and/or trust.


The process of building the authority is called branding yourself. The more you position your company as the solution to a problem or provide education on a certain subject you become the go to company. This makes you an authority in that area. Branding also allows you to stand out from your competition. You can showcase how you differ from another company who is offering the same products or service. There is something that makes you different and connects you with your audience. This connection with your audience helps to establish a trust with the audience as well. So, when you are creating content to share you need to think of ways to showcase your company’s personality and how you differ from your competitors.

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