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Social Media Trends That Effect Small Businesses

First of all, social media marketing is definitely not
a one-size-fits-all sort of endeavor.

Take for instance the many different platforms to consider when seeking the most effective way to deliver marketing messages to your target audience. Or, knowing what type of content will most interest your audience. Not to mention keeping up with hashtags, bitly URLs, wikis, widgets, memes, mash-ups, vlogs, podcasts, keywords, buzzwords and all the other potential digital-age additions that might come your way. It would be wise to investigate the social media trends that have an effect on small business development.

The possibilities alone can be overwhelming – to a small business owner it can be like navigating through an entirely new world of social interaction.

Small businesses are known for being fervent in their desire for knowledge and understanding of how to best promote their products or services. Social media is a means to do just that! – If used appropriately and successfully. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

The Top 5 Social Media Trends that Effect Small Businesses

#1. Social is on the rise.

Content strategy is probably the most important aspect of social media marketing. Therefore, without content that is relevant to the interests of your audience and timely in delivery, all chances of consumer influence are surely lost. It’s all about pleasing your audience. #likes4likes Everyone has some sort of digital device on them at one time or another throughout the day, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or something else. Due to this increase in online interaction, consumers now have a high expectancy rate for original, judicious content so businesses have to work that much harder to keep up with the demand. #smallbusinesslife

#2. Don’t forget your tool box.

Odds are as a small business owner, you likely don’t have a large marketing staff to handle everything for you. There are many moving parts that make up social media marketing: content creation, graphic design, copy writing and post scheduling. Well, thankfully there are many tools out that can help! You can actually employ some of these tools to intelligently find and post appropriate content for you. #optimization Most of all, online tools like Canva and Buffer can help relieve some of the stress of gathering and planning all the content yourself. Additionally, there are many tools at your disposal that can assist with content development.

#3. It’s all about that… video.

Video content has become increasingly more popular – especially live streaming in real-time. Users on social media are constantly looking for something new to entertain them and what better than instant live video, right? #favoritevideooftheday Therefore, with this race against impending boredom and the risk of interaction techniques online becoming obsolete, the bar for new exciting mediums has to be set higher. FacebookLive and Periscope are two of the most popular platforms for social live streaming. Most importantly, business owners could use these channels for product or services demonstrations, informative Q&A sessions, tours, tutorials or educational purposes.

#4. Exclusive membership only access.

Social media was originally intended to be, just that – social. However, somewhere along the way users decided they prefer more privacy and require more control over their online interactions. In addition, users can now personalize their individual platforms to weed out communications that aren’t of interest to them. These personalization options make it that much more essential for businesses to target a narrower audience and design ample, strategic content to maintain followers while also reaching new potential followers. #brandbuilding

#5. That money, honey.

Something all businesses are looking for is how to drive home potential profits. E-commerce has become a driving force in increasing revenue through online platforms. As a result, you can add a call-to action button to just about any social media post and link it to a payment service, such as PayPal. By taking advantage of this effortless means to drive traffic to your e-commerce site or by simply making purchases literally a click away, it only makes investing in social media marketing that much more lucrative for your business.

It is also pretty standard now for social media platforms to include smart algorithms that track your online browsing trends and introduce similar advertisements for products or services through social media pop-ups or banner ads.  

So, it is really easy to get caught up in the social media world if you don’t take the time to educate yourself. Successful social media marketing can be achieved with a little competitor and market research, target audience analysis and with the help of some social media trends.

What are some other social media trends that you find valuable to the small business world? What are some other online tools that are used as successful social media trends? And what are some other ways for businesses to benefit from these social media trends? Please engage in the comment section below.


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