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Social Listening? Is it important?

Social Listening

When I opened my small business in 2010 as a brick and mortar store, Social Media was on the rise! What was this new beast that needed to be tamed? So, what did I do? I went back to school and learned that social listening was important!

What I’ve learned

I had no idea

  1. what people were saying about my company unless, it was posted directly on my page
  2. what social listening was and
  3. Social Media didn’t need to take up so much of my time!
Social Listening Frustration

What is Social Listening?

For today’s blog post, we will explore how to listen. Why? Because this is going to help us learn about what people are saying about your company and your brand. Therefore, if we know if what people are saying, we can plan a strategy for where, and to whom we can target our campaigns. Simply, with Social Listening tools we can monitor digital conversations, allowing us to understand what people are saying about our business and the industry online (N.A, n.d.).

If you are not listening proactively, how will you know what your customers are saying? This article published previously on this blog in February 2016 will put everything in perspective.

Social Listening Tools

So don’t despair, because it is easier than you think. There are tools, that will save you hours of frustration. These tools will save you time, and let’s you get back to what you love.

The first tool I’d like to mention is Hootsuite which is a great system for all your social media needs. It searches streams, right in the dashboard, that are relevant to the business, industry and your products.  Therefore, monitoring what people are saying based on keywords, hashtags, locations or even certain users! (N.A, 2019)

Hootsuite Dashboard Tool

Below are some other tools you can try:


Keyhole: Hashtag tracking for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook



Here are also some great articles to get you started:

6 of the best social listening tools for 2019

These are only a sampling of what is available. And, you don’t have to choose only one tool, it is common to have more than one. Sometimes, tools will give you different information or analytics. It depends on your needs and abilities.

Which social listening tools have you tried before? Please share in our comments section.


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