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Social Media Channels – Choose Wisely! Part I

Social Media Channels – Choose Wisely! Part I

Social Media Channel Choices

Choosing Social Media Channels

So Many Channels to Choose From

From Facebook to Twitter, from Flickr to Tumblr, the range of  available social media channels is vast. Trying to manage all of them is a near-impossible task for even the best funded social marketing campaigns. Exploring all the options for the small business owner is mind-boggling. Yet, research shows the importance of having a presence in social media can’t be denied (Schaefers & Schamari, 2016). So what is an under-funded, overworked digital marketing manager to do? How do online marketers decide on the best social channels to use when time, money, and other resources aren’t ideal?

Well, when it comes to selecting the most advantageous social networking channels, the best practice is to choose wisely.

Strategic Choices

Choosing the best social media channels, sometimes referred to as social networking sites (SNS), for a small business operator requires a bit of strategic planning from the outset.

  • Decide what the campaign goals are going to be
  • Resolve the amount of time available needed for posting and monitoring content and user responses
  • Determine which sites offer the best relationship paradigms must be considered

Keep in mind that not all online communities are carbon copies of each other; each has its own individual strengths and weaknesses. Contrasting social media channels may offer varied relationships, which can be consequential to suitable opportunities (Liu & Yang, 2016). Facebook, for example, is one of the best social media channels for community engagement. YouTube is the most popular site with most users for videos. LinkedIn is well-known as a virtual meeting place for professional affiliations and liaisons.

Knowing the end game in terms of desired results is an important first step. Another factor is understanding which channel will optimize content being shared and posted by other users of the network. Shared content, when made available to susceptible audiences, can transform consumers into brand ambassadors. It can also serve to create enhanced WOM viral components (Susarla, Oh, & Tan, 2016). Having content go viral has almost unlimited benefit, especially when it jumps to other social media sites. Viral content is the holy grail of social media marketers.

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What’s Next?

Do you have challenges when it comes to wisely choosing social media channels? What are some of the strategies you use when choosing which social network to use for your small business? Please share your advice in the comments section below, and share this article using the content distribution buttons. Thanks, and come back soon to The Social Observer for the best in social media marketing content!


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