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Social Media Marketing: Grow Your Business in 140 Characters or Less

social media marketing

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Small business owners often run a large majority of the day to day operations. Which is why social media marketing can sometimes feel like just another task to get done or box to check. However, there are several benefits small businesses can receive from using social media, especially Twitter. This blogpost explains how to grow your small business in 140 characters or less.

Twitter Statistics

Did you know that 3/4 of companies with an online presence use Twitter for social media marketing purposes and around 47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website (Ward, 2018)?  In addition, on average 42% of consumers use Twitter to learn about new products and services and 85% of consumers feel more connected to a small business after following them (Hall, 2015).

Twitter, which is essentially a form of micro-blogging, is unlike any other social media platform in the sense that it limits the character count of Tweets to 140 (Green, n.d.).  While this may strike a chord with advertisers who tend to be long-winded.  It should ultimately be music to the ears of small business owners who are interested in sending a clear and concise message to a targeted audience.

In general, people usually have very short attention spans and can get lost in longer articles.  This is why 140 characters is a perfect length for social media marketing, as it takes less than 10 seconds to read (Green, n.d.).

social media marketing

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Best Practices

Twitter is an invaluable digital tool for businesses of all sizes, but really levels the playing field for small businesses, as it gives them an edge (Thomases, 2010).  Small business owners who are interested in growing their business in 140 characters or less, can use the following best practices:

Keep Tweets Short

Focus on one specific message and keep Tweets clear and concise.  This can have a greater impact than trying to discuss multiple topics.  You can include a link to an image, website, or to a blog post for instances where you have a longer message to communicate (What to Tweet, n.d.).

Use Images and Visuals

People are three times more likely to respond to and engage in Tweets that have videos or photos present.  This means it’s important to incorporate content like this early and often (What to Tweet, n.d.).

Incorporate Polls and Ask Relevant Questions

Utilizing Twitter polls/surveys and asking relevant questions are a good best practice to follow.  Polls and surveys are effective when trying to better understand opinions and interact with a target audience.  This technique also helps to make reader co-contributors of the conversation, which helps increase engagement (What to Tweet, n.d.)


Want to read more about how to grow your business with Twitter? Here’s a great article called How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business, Traffic and Sales that is worth checking out and taking a moment to read.

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