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The Easiest Way to Improve your Small Businesses Social Media Presence

Improving Social Media Presence

Social media can be a difficult avenue for small business owners, whose schedules are already packed full, to navigate. Which social media platforms should you focus on to improve social media presence? Who is your audience? What should you be posting?

These are all important questions to ask, but finding the answers takes, and time is money. That’s why today we will be going over the easiest way to improve your small businesses social media presence right now.

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What’s the key? Consistency.

It’s a simple word that can actually refer to a lot of social media topics, the first of which is keeping your brand consistent across all social media channels.

“Clearly define your brand identity across all channels… For instance, we can all associate red with the Target brand – and they totally own it through the imagery they feature on their accounts” (Concialdi, 2017).

One way to think of your brand identity is thinking of it like a work uniform. You don’t necessarily need all of your social media accounts to wear the exact same uniform. Users should be able to easily recognize your business on all of your accounts.

Consistency & Neglection

Furthermore, the second aspect of improving social media presence that will instantly improve your social media presence is posting consistently. Neglecting a social media profile that you establish for your small business can actually cause more harm than if you never established a social media presence in the first place.

“[If you neglect social media] you risk losing your customers’ attention. Your clients are pulled in many different directions. If you don’t invest in building relationships with them through social media, then you risk having your customers forget about you” (Cohn, 2018).

 It is important to spread your brand across multiple important social media channels, but do not spread yourself so thin that you can not consistently update each of the accounts. Social media is one of the best tools you can use to help build your small business. Social media tools need to be utilized correctly in order for you and your business to see positive results. Your business will be on its way towards success if you are able to keep your brand consistent and create posts for your audience on a consistent basis.

Finally, It is time to start thinking about those questions posed at the beginning of the article. Which platforms to use? Who to target? What to post? For information on all of these topics subscribe to The Social Observer and follow us on social media.

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