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Social Media: Steps to Implementing a Small Business Social Media Strategy

Image result for social media small business strategySocial Media is a tool that is used by more than one team in an organization. According to Bosomworth, social media use can be used in Marketing, Sales, Service & Support, Innovation, Collaboration, and Customer Experience. It is important to make sure that social media is increasingly integrated into an organization and not used only by one person or one team.

There are different reasons as to why a social media strategy should be implemented into an organization. A few of those reasons include:

Commercial context is missing
Purpose or vision is missing
Social media tools are put before customers

Social Media when used as a tool within an organization will help the organization to have interactions with its customers and also have a competitive edge within the industry. This is the reason why implementing a social media strategy is critical nowadays for small businesses. In order to stay ahead of the game or even on the playing field small businesses need a social media strategy.

If the question of how to implement a small business social media strategy is rolling around in your thoughts, don’t worry, below are a few steps that you can take to implement a social media strategy into your small business.

1. Define Your Goals

Ask these kinds of questions when defining your goals:

What do you want to achieve using social media?
How will you be using social media to promote?

Using “SMART” is a great way to help define your goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. For More information on the SMART way to define your goals click here.

2. Define Your Target

Your target audience will depend on what your business offers as far as goods and services. When working to define your target, make sure that you look at the way that your customers are using social media as well as what platforms your customers are using.

3. Research the Platforms

There are many different platforms that a business can take advantage of these days. When researching the different social media platforms, keep in mind the demographic of your target audience, what platform will have a higher reach and also which platforms are used the most. The biggest social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but that could change.

4. Plan Your Content

Knowing what kind of content you want to offer on social media is important. It is also important to know the frequency in which you want to post on social media. Creating a document to keep track of what you want to cover and when to cover them is a great way to help keep your social media organized.

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5. Build and Develop Your Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence is important. Pick one or two platforms to begin with and then fill out the profiles to start gaining presence on those platforms. Less is more when it comes to social media presence. When building your profile, make sure information is interesting, correct and you add your website for those who would like to learn more about whom you are what you have to offer.

6. Maintain Your Profile

Don’t create and leave. Make sure to keep on top of your social media profiles. Add followers, find new followers, and interact. Interacting with your followers is a key to having a positive social media presence. If you have followers interacting on your profile, jump in and interact with them. They will remember you for doing just that.

It is becoming more important each day for small businesses to have a social media presence because of the amount of word of mouth shopping that takes place now. Whether your business offers products or services, it is important to remember that a happy customer will refer people to you and when you have a place for them to interact with you that helps your customer service and helps to create loyal and repeating customers. Don’t just add to the list of profiles on social media, stand out, be the profile that attracts followers!

For more in depth information check out this informational piece by Jean Folger.

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