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Social Media Student Tips in 10 Real-World Memes

As many students work towards their degree and prepare to graduate, they have either completed an internship and have a job lined up or are looking for one. Looking back to my time completing my undergraduate degree, the use of social media hardly came up. This was 6 years ago, and even though social media was still a popularity contest, it has only become more relied on in today’s current society.

66 percent of people age 18-24 check social before they even leave their bed in the morning. It is safe to say that social media has become an addiction that will only continue to consume people at younger age. As these students land their first job it is important to remind them the effects social media can have on landing that job or keeping one. Below are ten social media etiquette tips that will give students clear direction on how to properly use their platforms.

1. Don’t Mix In Personal Posts When Social Media is Your Business

Meme: You Never Mix Business with Pleasure, because when it comes to your money, you don't play.

If your job requires you to maintain a social media account with your name on it, it’s safer not to post anything personal on it. Be sure you know the policy for mixing business with pleasure – even for baby and puppy pictures!

2. Use Caution Tagging or Posting Pictures

Meme: So yeah, if you could stop posting 'tag someone' posts on Facebook. That would be great!

Make sure when you are posting pictures the content is not detrimental to you or others. Avoid tagging people in case they don’t want to be tagged, it is safe to caption the photo “Tag Yourself” to let others choose.

3. Be Self Centered in Small Social Doses

Meme: Now, I'm no astronomer, but even I'm pretty sure the earth revolves around the sun and not you.

Easy rule to remember when posting is called the “4-1-1 Rule”. For every one post about yourself, you should post 4 things about something or someone else.

4. Understand Your Sense of Humor Isn’t Universal

Meme: Your sense of humor is bad and you should feel bad.

Just remember that whatever you want to portray as humorous may not sit well with people from different backgrounds, your audience is far greater than just your family and friends.

5. Don’t Be Reactive on Social Media

Meme: Yikes... Wow... That was... an overreaction.

You don’t want to be Andy Bernard from The Office. Many times it is easier to create an argument online with someone when you wouldn’t in person. Visibility of this and the things you say can and will be etched into history forever and can hurt down the road. Best to let it go and move on.

6. Avoid Over-Sharing on Social Media

Meme: Oversharing all the things.

Social media whether it be personal or professional still is your “personal brand” and what you post says a lot about you, and best bet people who see it will be quick to judge. Keep the timing of your posts different and with different content.

7. Build a Social Media Legacy for The Future

Meme: Welcome to the Legacy.

Remember, what you post now, can impact you later. Set yourself up for success when that next promotion comes around. In today’s times, employers look at your platforms. You want to make sure they don’t find any unethical posts, comments, or photos.

8. Don’t Misrepresent Yourself on Social Media

Meme: Keep Calm and Don't Misrepresent Yourself... Online!

This one is pretty simple: stay honest with yourself. Don’t take credit for something that isn’t yours, and don’t make yourself or previous job experiences out to be something they weren’t.

9. Don’t Drink & Tweet

Meme: Here's my advice, Don't Drink and Tweet.

This one is pretty simple but may be difficult for fresh graduates. It is best that if you are going to be drinking and drinking heavily you deactivate your accounts prior to drinking so you don’t post anything you may not remember in the morning.

10. Understand Each Platform’s Best Practices

Meme: Imagine a World Where People Used Best Practices.

These principals are transparent for all platforms, it
is always safe to read up on specific platforms best practices so you know you
are getting the best use out of them. Be sure to frequently review these
because as social media evolves, so doesn’t best practices.

In conclusion, as students prepare to enter the real world and get taken off their parents health insurance, getting a job and keeping it can depend on the students past and current use of social media. Best to play it safe and before you apply for jobs, clean all your platforms up, and use these 10 tip to stay in line and out of hot water.

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