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Social Media Tools and Techniques Make Digital Marketing Easier

Social Media Tools and TechniquesMany companies and small businesses are wondering, what is the big deal about social media and why can’t I generate business the old fashion way? But using social media tools and techniques can be essential for any business or brand, and many companies are unaware of the positive impact that social media can possess and how it can greatly affect the day to day operations of their business. Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms are giving organizations an enormous opportunity to engage directly with customers or would be customers (Handley & Chapman, 2011). If a large amount of businesses understand the importance that social media has on today’s society, I do not believe they would hesitate in making social media a top priority in their day to day operations. Social media can help with a company’s growth in sales and customers, consumer feedback, and brand awareness.

Social Media Tools and Techniques Make Digital Marketing Easier

Let’s discuss a little further the major implications of how social media can help in these areas and some social media tools and techniques to help you accomplish your digital marketing goals.

Company growth in sales and customers

Social media is very pivotal in the 21st century with spreading the word about companies and events. Instead of taking the time to pay for ads or commercials, a business can simply post about upcoming events, new products, and company changes with the simple click of a post. Once news is posted to the targeted audience consumers can then discuss the posted events and share the posting with others. Creating a word of mouth that can go from being passed from 10 people to 1,000 people is HUGE. Jennifer Wong explains that not only can you generate new leads, but it allows you to build deeper relationships with existing clients, which will help to drive them to purchase again and again. (Smith, 2014).

Check out this article from one of the best social media marketing blogs, The Social Media Examiner, about growing your audience on Facebook:

Grow Facebook Following

Customer Feedback

In an instant, a customer can hop on social media and discuss your product or service. This can be very good for your brand or very bad. This causes other consumers to be more strategic in the purchasing process. Not only are consumers looking to purchase a product that is within their specified budget, but they are also looking to purchase a product that has positive reviews. Customers are being “smart shoppers” before they make a purchase, and looking toward the internet before they swipe. In an instance, a customer can hop on social media and discuss your product or service to other consumers, either raving about your brand or bashing your brand. Businesses should be on the lookout for the good and bad social media mentions about their company. Communication is important for any business but positive engagement with the customer base can really lead to improved reputation (Flekel, n.a.) has a great piece to learn everything you need to know about customer feedback and you can download a free customer feedback cheatsheet.

Brand Awareness

Last but not least, using social media can have a large impact on your brand awareness. Through the use of social media channels, people are able to connect and carry on conversations from all parts of the world. Although you may have one store located in densely populated area, social media users can easily spread the word of your product or service to others in various parts of the world. There are 2.7 billion social media users, and your business can connect with all of these people with the simple click of a button (Kemp, 2017). You can even get your customers to help you spread the work if they become “brand advocates” (fans) who promote you just because they love you.

As you can see social media can be very beneficial to the expansion of your brand. With the use of social media, companies are able to reach out to consumers all over the world and spread the word about their brand. How beneficial do you think social media is to a business? Let us know below!

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Bernadette, I enjoyed reading your post. I think it is important for a business to monitor good and bad social media post. I believe it will help the brand get a better idea on what the customer is thinking about there brand.

  2. Lori Narewski says:

    Bernadette – You hit on some points with social media today…
    Growth in sales and customers! Customer feedback – where else can you find real-time feedback? Brand awareness!

  3. Joanna A. says:

    Acknowledging and handling feedback from customers is a must. Good post!

  4. Jim Owston says:

    I’ve tried to convince my previous employer to do more social media and they even had a person with an MBA in marketing that could do it. The old adage is “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

  5. Jim says:

    Very interesting, and although I agree with you, a lot of the issue with social media is if you have never done it before it takes a while to learn. There should be easy step by step guides to help people understand the benefits. I pay for Facebook advertising and really all I am getting is followers, so I think they have to explain better what it is they are targeting.

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