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Social Media Trends for NonProfits

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When I think about nonprofits, Movember and the ALS Ice Bucket challenge come running through my head. They are both extremely popular nonprofits whose campaigns went viral on social media at a given point in time. Through the power of social media, they were able to raise a ton of money for their organizations. But what exactly is a nonprofit organization? A nonprofit serves public interests and doesn’t generate revenue for the purpose of reaping their income. Many nonprofits are charities that help to serve a certain group of a community that are struggling. With the power of social media, many nonprofits are able to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. 

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The most popular social media trend for nonprofits is Instagram stories. Instagram stories are a short video or picture that last on a user’s page for 24 hours and then disappears. They are not posted on your profile or feed, but at the stories bar at the top of every user’s page. Instagram stories tend to be more random and less polished than posts on the feed. Due to the nature of Instagram stories, these stories allow nonprofits to build their audience using features such as hashtags and location tagging. Since stories are less polished than regular posts, nonprofits can use it to their advantage to be authentic and personable with their followers. Instagram stories are also an excellent way to stay on user’s minds by posting multiple times a day without blowing up their newsfeed.

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Another social media trend for nonprofits is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing first started out as celebrities promoting a new product or service online, but now a lot of it is regular people who have a large following online and can reach a large group of people. When an organization pays for a sponsored post, the organization gains access to their followers – although many influencers will do free posts for nonprofits and charities. It is important for nonprofits to build strong relationships with influencers as they can really get their company mission out to the right audience.

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All in all, social media changes ever so frequently and it is important to take a step back from time to time and reevaluate whether your nonprofits social media strategy is working or not. It is important to be personal, creative, and exciting on social media – no user likes to see the same content splattered everywhere. To get people to donate to your nonprofit, you have to find a way to engage with them on a personal level – and that could just be through social media.

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