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Take Time to be Social

It may sound silly but you can’t have an effective social media campaign when you don’t take time to be social. Just having social media platforms for your business is not enough. As the social media marketing manager, you must take time to cultivate a social media marketing campaign. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean just creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business. You must first decide what the best platforms for your business are. Maybe those are Facebook and Twitter but maybe its Instagram and Snapchat. To help you decide what platforms might be best for your company click here.

  • Facebook- Is about building relationships and long-term goals
  • Twitter- Is a way to reach out to consumers and have ongoing conversation
  • Pinterest- Is content sharing platform that is great for visual imagery
  • LinkedIn- Is for social networking and acts like a virtual Rolodex
  • YouTube- Is a visually driven platform that features videos

Once you have decided what is best for you, you can start to take time to be social.


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Being social isn’t just being on social media. As the social media marketing manager, you must post, share, tweet and repost, retweet and so on and so forth. Those are just a few examples. The biggest thing is you must engage consumers. That won’t happen by its self. You have to interact with consumers to be engaging. This means monitoring posts and responding to consumer comments, both good and bad. This is taking time but taking time means even more than that. Marketing managers should establish a schedule to maintain their social media sites and stay engaging. Click here for examples of timelines you might consider.

There are several tools out there to help you take time to be social, such as Hootsuite, that will help you manage your social media accounts. These can be extremely helpful with scheduling initial posts and with social listening but they can’t help you respond to consumer feedback. As I have stated before, this is probably only second in importance to posting initially. You must reply to both positive and negative posts. The negative posts are actually more important than the positive posts. I once read an article that the average consumer posting negative feedback to a brands social media account expects and answer in less than an hour. That doesn’t leave much time. This is why social media marketers need to stay social. We must keep our customers happy. Social media is a great tool for marketing and customer service but only if we take the time to be social.

Find 10 Tips That Help You Take Time To Be Social

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