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The Not-So-Secret Secret Behind Brand Awareness

Before social media, marketing was very widespread and most of the time there was no interaction from the audience. “Today, the marketing cannot only be about capturing attention via reach; instead, marketers must focus on both capturing attention via engagement” (Hanna, Rohn & Crttidem, 2011). Now, we have the ability to connect with users in a personalized way through Brand Awareness.

Brand Awareness: The Not-So-Secret Secrets


In an interview conducted by the Social Media Explorer to the CMO of Georgia Pacific, the latter spoke about to what for him, according to his professional experience, is part of the key elements (secrets) behind the brand awareness. From this interview we can highlight two important factors:

  • Focus on the story framework, not on the storytelling itself.
  • Make sure you select storytellers who have a genuine connection or passion for history and, of course, have the talent to do the task.

A Little Bit of Science on Storytelling 

image credit Brand Awareness

Behind every marketing effort, there is science that supports them. As the image above suggests, the human brain is the main character. As for the effect of storytelling on our brains, it all starts with “Neural Coupling” which allows the listener to identify with the story and adjust it to their own experiences and/or ideas. If this effect is achieved, the rest of the process occurs in a natural way.

SEO and Social Media

Let’s start defining the term SEO. SEO is a long-term approach to improving your search engine’s search results (Podiatry Review, 2015). Simple, right? When planning any kind of SEO strategy, there is one element that has to be included. This time, I am talking about keywords. The first step to take will be the analysis of keywords. Today, we have access to tools like the Google AdWords Keywords Tool which, facilitates this important phase of keywords analysis and the comparison with main competitors.

According to an article published by Young Entrepreneur Council on Forbes Magazine, social media send search engine signals of influence and authority. Starting from this premise, it will be logical for marketers to focus on keywords not only on their websites and/or blogs but in every social media platforms that their brand/product is present.

As a final thought…

The way your audience perceives your brand is important and I have great news for you; we, as marketers, have control of that perception. So, take advantage of all the tools you have available and think about this “secrets” when planning your SM strategy.





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5 Responses

  1. Hi Alejandro,

    I love using storytelling! People love to hear stories, especially ones they can identify with! On my blog I share stories of the outdoor adventures I take. Some people aren’t able to visit these places for one reason or another, so I try to give them details throughout my story that makes them feel like they are there with me. I get a lot of positive response with these posts!

    Great information!

  2. Hi Alejandreo, great post. Your final thought was very inspirational for marketers. I love how you stated that marketers have control over customers perception. I totally agree. As a brand you are responsible on how customer view your brand.

  3. Lori Narewski says:

    Alejandreo – Storytelling is so important, especially, as you point out, storytelling in a way that the reader connects with on a personal level! The graphic you provided is very interesting in putting it all together on how are brains connect with stories!

  4. Jim Owston says:

    Search engine optimization is something I still struggle with. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Aaron Henry says:

    The science of storytelling is not different than any other science. When you talk about marketing and converting an audience into loyal customers, there is a need to prove the claims you make when telling the story. It gets possible when we build our brand on the basis of customer trust. The search engine algorithms are going after the same thing, but we need to understand how things work in order to make some real success in our market.

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