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How to Manage Yourself: The Social Media Do’s for Personal Branding

What draws you to social media? Is it family, friends, trend watching perhaps? Social networking sites are a great way for individuals to engage with others both locally and across the globe.

The Early Day’s of Social Networking

myspace-tom-720When the first social network, Six Degrees, was recognized by web-users in 1997, it allowed for people to upload their photos to a profile, and create friendships with other users. Though it only lasted until 2001, it was based on a “Web Contacts Model” or what we knew in the days of Myspace as a social circles model.

Today, we share information and connect with others through modern forms of this model. (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and so on).

Whether you are a blogger, digital author or artist, or a personal brand, knowing how to manage your social media reputation is key to your success. If you want to learn the do’s of social media, then this article is for you.

The Social Media Do’s

  • Do join social networks after determining which platforms are right for you. Sites like Linkedin, are a must for career networking, while other channels serve different purposes. Learn which is beneficial for your brand and how each functions .
  • Do curate. Create effective content that your friends and audience can relate to.
  • Do keep private things, private. The social-sphere cannot retract things once said. People remember what you say, and some may even repurpose your content. Proceed with caution.
  • Do Google yourself. Do this to learn about your brand mentions. Sometimes you may find a mention of yourself in blogs, tweets or other forms of social media, which is great for your brand.
  • Do engage. Communicate and show your followers that you are human by asking and answering questions in your comments. Remember to search for relevant discussions to participate in.
  • Do SEO proof your content. Social media accounts rank differently on various search engines. The more buzz surrounding your social media accounts, the better you will rank. Thus, comments, likes, shares etc. are needed.
  • Do analyze data. Keep up with who follows, views or likes your page. Monitor the number of engagements on your content. It is important to know which of your pieces stand out the most, and work for your audience and business.

432821792-funny_quote_quotes_technology_thoughts-e4f13f651277a3f11e2befde37f04d3c_hEmbracing The Social Media Do’s will help to improve your brand. With a good strategy, these recommendations can easily be implemented into your social media routine. Stay tuned for the next part in this series about the Social Media Don’ts.

Q&A: What are some of your tips for Social Media Do’s? Comment your answers below.

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  1. Kristi.heffernan says:

    Great read, and I’m sure fellow readers would agree how interesting it is as well as important it is to know about the existence of Six Degrees, because it clearly played a role in what social media has developed into today. In regards to your opening question, I am more so drawn to social media for it being a source to keep me knowledgeable about what may be going on in the world around me while I am busy with school or work, but I more so utilize it for keeping up with my big family. A social media “do” I would recommend is honestly, “do embrace change.” Without people/cultures/societies/etc.. accepting change throughout the years, technology would not be what it is today and social media wouldn’t be what it has become, either. Businesses now use social media as a tool to increase brand awareness and sales, so to have an open mind and embrace the idea of change is going to have an impact on social media that can be positive so long as social media do’s are being practiced.

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