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Top Social Media Tips from a Business Advisor

You walk into the Center for Women’s Business Advancement, the CWBA, at Southern New Hampshire University, sit down across the table from Amy Rodman, their business advisor, and say, “I need help with my social media!” These are the things Amy will tell you to think about. Use this guide to help you think about your social media plan for your small business.

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Business Advisor Amy Rodman’s Top Tips

What are you using currently for social media?

Take an inventory of the platforms you are currently using and who is responsible for it maintaining them (i.e. you or another employee or someone else)


Who is your target audience?

Are you selling your product or service to millennials? Parents? Other businesses? Men? Women? Do they live in a certain geographical area?


What is the purpose or intent of your use of social media?

Ask yourself why you are using social media? Are you trying to build brand awareness or sell your product?


How do all of these line up?

Did you know that while in 2014 74% of all adults online were on social media sites not everyone is on the same platform? Where is your target audience? If they are on Facebook but you are on Instagram, your social media efforts won’t help you grow your business.


Start with the Prime Focus

If you are new to social media, just start with one platform and get good at that one. Once you master one site, you can move to another (if appropriate). Trying to manage too many sites at once and early on can get to be overwhelming and exhausting.


Don’t constantly sell

Make you social media page one that people want to visit. To do this, you can’t be constantly selling your product. Offer resources to help your target audience. For example, if you sell spices or cooking, share fun videos and recipes or cooking tips.


But when you do, promote where they can buy your product

Is your product sold in a local store? Are you going to be at the town farmer’s market? Do you sell online? Tell your followers where to find your product and make it easier for them to buy your product.


Link blog articles on your site to your social media

Do you have a blog on your website? Make sure you share these on your social media pages.


Use videos and pictures

Posts with videos and pictures get more views and are more likely to share your content. Use them to add to your posts and improve your followers’ experience.


Frequency of posting

Image Source: final thing to think about is how frequently you are going to post. You need to create a strong plan of consistent posts. Posting once a month won’t be beneficial to you. If you are using Facebook, you should post twice a day but if you are using Twitter, you should tweet three or more times a day. Figure out what is right for your platform and your business. Also, don’t forget to think about how special promotions or holidays will play into your social media plans. Create a calendar, like this one, for yourself so you know what you want to post and when.


Now that you have thought about all these parts of social media, go and make your plan! Need more help? You can always contact Business Advisor Amy at the CWBA. Or find a small business resource near you (WBC, SBA, SCORE, SBDC, etc).

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