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How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

It's time to embrace the social side of social media to improve your small business.

Image: Luis Osorio

There is no denying that our world is getting more and more hectic so we are all beginning to resort to social media get our news and other content as it is quick, easy and doesn’t take up too much of our time. If we see something that interests us we’ll give it a like or click through to their link. If not, then we can scroll through and there’s no harm, no foul on our part as consumers. However, that could potentially hurt the organization over time if people are not engaging with our content. So what can we as small businesses do to keep our consumers interested? The answer is right in front of us; embrace social media.

Be Social!

There’s a reason why social is bolded, because social media is all about being social! There are too many times where organizations come off as too “salesy” and turn consumers away.  Consumers go to social media to speak with their friends, not to be sold products. That is something that we must embrace in the small business industry. People want to have brands speak WITH them, not TO them. So instead of trying to sell them product after product, we need to have conversations with them.

But how does that generate revenue? Great question. Despite our world being so fast paced, we must understand that running a small business is a marathon, not a sprint. It is the small steps that will help the organization take the next steps from being in the infant stages, to profitable, to the chance of expanding. Everything all comes down to the customer so it is crucial to make sure that we are able to gain their loyalty and develop a relationship with them. There will always be new forms of advertising, but word-of-mouth referrals will always be one of, if not the most influential form of marketing. And as social media continues to grow at an exponential rate, this gives us the perfect opportunity to reach out to our consumer directly and let them know that they are valued.

Engage with Your Consumers

Posts on social media should try to have some sort of call to action to them. And by call to action we mean something more creative than “buy now”. We are looking to ask questions that encourage consumers to reply and leave us a comment, but we cannot stop there. If consumers are going to engage with us then we must engage with them as well. A simple like on the comment will go a long way and a retweet could do wonders. But a reply with, “That’s great! Was this a gift for you or some one else?” truly shows that we have an interest in the consumer’s life. The more we keep them coming back, the more revenue we will generate.

We often try to re-invent the wheel with how we can reach consumers with our brand. However, why spend extra time and money trying to put our brand on billboards when we can establish a relationship with our consumers at no cost to us? It’s time to embrace social media and use it to develop relationships with the people that mean the most to us, our consumers.

Now it’s time for you to go out there and engage with your audience! Have any questions on when a retweet is warranted over a like or what a comment should look like? Let us know in the comments and allow us to help you foster that relationship between you and your customers!

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