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Utilize Stories for Social Media

It is extremely important for small businesses to utilize stories. And social media is perfect for story telling.

In a world rife with banner ads, pop-ups, b-roll, and a host of other promotional messages vying for our attention, consumers have become numb to everything.

Armed with ad-blockers and the immense power to hide and turn off ads, consumers are able to shut out advertising noise for the first time ever in history.

Marketers Faced With New and Unique Issues to Utilize Stories Are Asking:

a. How will I reach consumers?

b. How will I get them to pay attention?

While many social media experts may suggest running more ads or hiring influencers, we’d like to suggest a powerful alternative; storytelling.

Storytelling originated thousands of years ago and was used by ancient humans to pass down traditions, rituals and rites.

Today, storytelling is still alive and widely used in the entertainment industry to create films, music, games, and apps.

Storytelling is how we naturally communicate with each other. It is important for organizations to utilize stories and or storytelling.

And today, the brands who story tell well just might be able to sell more.

So if you’re a small business owner, and you’re trying to promote your products on the internet, put away the sales pitch and pull out your brand storybook.

Why Do We Tell Stories?

According to HubSpot, we tell stories for 3 main reasons: 

  • It solidifies abstract concepts and simplify complex messages,
  • It can bring people together
  • they inspire and motivate.

Additionally, stories connect us deeply and emotionally. When you hear a great story, you can’t help but put your self in the shoes of one of the characters – usually the hero.

Think Titanic and Cinderella. Stories make you cry, laugh, become sad or angry. Stories make you think. And move you to act. As a small business owner, you need people to believe in what you’re doing and in what you’re selling.

You need people to be so moved that they purchase your products. And also tell their friends. On social media, your content should tell four types of stories:

1. Your Company’s Origin Story – describe how you came up with your company name, who the owners are and how you got started.

2. Your Brand Purpose, Mission and Vision – reveal why you started your company, what your brand values and its goals.

3. Behind The Scenes – take followers inside your company and show them how and where products are made, your employees, etc.

4. Your Customer’s Story – highlight customer experiences and reviews. Share user-generated content and share the spotlight with your most engaged fans.

How To Get Started and Utilize Stories?

In a document, write your company’s origin story, highlight your mission and vision, who your target buyers are and how you can help them. Then, create content that visually tells these tales. For more tips, click here.

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