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Vine and Instagram Videos Boost Your Company’s Visibility

Vine and Instagram Videos Boost Company VisibilityUsing Vine and Instagram videos can boost your company’s visibility! Use these tips to produce social media videos that help you build community and strengthen your brand’s reputation. As technology evolves and newer social media trends become popular online, marketing managers have the sometimes overwhelming burden of figuring out, what is “in” or what is the most effective way to reach and connect with customers online. As platforms become more and more focused on short form video content such as the social media sites Vine and Instagram, which only allows users to post videos ranging from 7 seconds to 15 seconds respectively, it becomes important to realize that these videos don’t have to be filmed perfectly, rather the focus should be on telling a story or communicating a simple message. According to the marketing and public relations firm Oglivy, brand videos are so easy to view and share that they are shared 5x more than most other online videos.

“Big Brand” Vine and Instagram Video Strategies

These sample Vine and Instagram videos are examples of how different the short videos look compared to traditional video advertising and marketing.

When deciding to post online Vine and Instagram videos for your brand, some basic tips are firstly to be true to your brand, and ask yourself whether you can tell a brand story in the time limit made by the platform. Vine will give 6-seconds, which is probably only enough to share an experience, whereas Instagram will allow the user 15 seconds, which can be plenty of enough time to get a point across for experienced marketers. Vine which is owned by Twitter has over 40 millions users, compared to Instagram which is owned by Facebook which has over 150 million users. If you think you need more time than 15 seconds there is always Youtube, Vimeo or Google Hangouts.

What to film for Vine or Instagram Video?

The best online brand videos are those that show a behind the scenes clip of  the workplace, or a glimpse of company culture. Some videos might show new products, promotions or even an inside joke. Its important to understand that brand videos do not always need to have a person featured in them. Some people like to make Vine and Instagram videos using stop motion, (which is basically taking a bunch of pictures and animating them). Think about what you want from your community in terms of reaction to the video and be creative. Short form videos can also be a great tool as a teaser for upcoming events, that leaves your audience wanting more.

Framing and filming


So you’ve decided to try producting your first Vine and Instagram videos, good lighting always helps (sunlight being the best lighting source of all time) but avoid backlighting the subject. Audio quality can make or break a video if its too distracting, so its best to avoid having your phone too close to the audio source to avoid peaking. Its always good when possible to plan your shots ahead, especially if you want to use multiple shots. Don’t worry too much if the video is a little shaky (most cell phone videos are). You can minimize shaking by extending your arms and locking them in place, or maybe try placing the phone on a straight surface or tripod.

Editing and Post processing

If you are going to add music and do simple basic cuts to your Vine and Instagram videos, a good free app for the Android phone and Apple IOS phones is Viddy. Instagram will also offer you a variety of filters that you can add to make your video prettier, if you are going to be making a lot of these videos i recommend paying for a good editing app for the phone like Splice available for both Android and IOS phones at $2.99.

Light. Camera. Action! 

Lastly be bold, be adventurous and think out the box, go film a product demos or  an FAQ or even challenge your audience to create video content for you, the sky is the limit. Also remember what you film on one platform can be easily shared to another two or three social media platforms to increase impact and reach.


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