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Ways to Use Live Video to Promote Your Brand

Live Video

Let me ask you a question. How many times in the last decade have you heard that video for personal branding was going to be the next big thing? Videos are EVERYWHERE!   We now use YouTube,  Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat. I just recently read about Instagram Stories. It allows you to share a slideshow of your day, even the photos you don’t want to keep. NOW is the time for LIVE video! Am I right?

Facebook’s foray into the live-streaming video is a definite clue that the “average” user would like to use it! Look at SnapChat!  Kids all over the world are showing up their parents with their tech-savvy ways!

Many companies have started to use it to promote their products. One interesting route some brands have taken with Facebook Live is the Series Approach. In other words, they have created a weekly segment on a set date and time featuring a set theme.

This is my favorite example put on by the people over at Benefit Cosmetics featuring their weekly series called “Tipsy Tricks” and it can be found every Thursday at 4:15pm right on Facebook!

The people at Benefit Cosmetics share content that is interesting to their target audience. Each week, they ask their customers to leave comments to get the idea for the next week’s addition of “Tipsy Tricks”.  The format for Tipsy Tricks can easily translate into a format for any entrepreneur who is looking to take the next step and get their name out there too!

360 Photography

Besides live broadcasting, digital photography is also growing. A 360-degree photo enables viewers to see an image from multiple angles. Facebook offers Facebook 360 and Facebook 360 Video to help users share their experience.

1. Showcase your products

A company that effectively uses 360 videos to involve users with its products is Mercedes. During this year’s IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, the car manufacturer presented some concept cars, as well as other models. Mercedes didn’t want the experience to be exclusive to event attendees only, so they created this video as a way to increase user engagement and extend the reach of their message.

2.Promote Destinations

You’ll find some of best applications of 360 videos in the tourism and hospitality industries. Qantas has been successfully promoting some of Australia’s most popular destinations with 360 videos.

In the following video (made in collaboration with Hamilton Island Resort and Samsung), Qantas not only focuses on the location (which is impressive on its own) but also lets viewers experience what it means to travel to that destination with Qantas. As such, the video includes shots from the cockpit during flight and landing, as well as the passenger cabin.

These are just a few examples of what is starting to become popular in the social media stratosphere. What are your thoughts on these new trends? Do you like them? Would you like to see more of this? Let me know.

Have you experimented with Facebook Live or Facebook 360? What is your favorite example? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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